Lanvin Flats/Boots

  1. Hey there ladies,

    I just recently purchased a pair of Lanvins. SA at Barney's recommended that I put 'zipsoles' on the bottom of the flat boots. She said any shoe repair place would have it. I live in Canada and no shoe repair place seems to know what it is. Is it something that you have to get professionally done or something that you buy and stick on? Does it go on just the heel of the shoe or the whole bottom of the shoe?

    I'm also planning on purchasing the lanvin flats in they scrape the back of your heel?

  2. where in canada do u live??? if ur in vancouver i could give u info to my cobbler cuz he fixed mine
  3. yes, located in vancouver. any info or help would be awesome.

    Thanks :tup:
  4. I just ask my cobbler to put protective soles on my shoes. Never have come across one that doesn't know what that is.
  5. nope, not at all, never hapenned with any of my pairs.

  6. thanks angelie... i'll give them a try. I've gone to a few shoe repair places and they don't treat the shoes very well being thrown all over the place. Scares me...
  7. this place is hi-fi it's so neat u will be shocked. They store ur shoes in boxes and the place is so clean.
  8. The place I usually go to is like that but they will do things on the spot while I wait.
  9. Hi icandie! Did you get the black leather flat Lanvin boots? Can you tell me how they fit around your calf and how high they go. I'm very petite and have an issue finding boots that aren't too big!