Lanvin flats - best time to buy on sale in LA

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  1. Hello,

    I apologize if this question has been asked, but I couldn't find an exact answer in my searches.

    I'm saving up for a pair of Lanvin flats and was wondering if there's a specific time there are great sales for them in Los Angeles or online. If I decide on black, I know I'm pretty much stuck paying full price, but I'm willing to try something different if I can get them for a great price.

    Any advice or tips?
  2. December and June are the big department store sales (in store and on line), so I would wait until then! Good luck!
  3. Thanks! I'll keep penny pinching for the time being :biggrin: Do they sell them in any other department stores in the area besides Barneys?
  4. search on ebay?
  5. Neiman Marcus in the Bay Area is carrying them, quite a wide selection, even at my crappy local store. I would guess they'll have them in LA too.
  6. once you find out what size you are you can order from anywhere during sale season.... neimans...barneys... saks... online stocks them and has sales... net-a-porter... there's even a lanvin store in bal harbour, FL