lanvin flats and revas

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  1. just want to ask those who have both (lanvin flats and tory burch reva) if there's really a big difference in the "comfort" issue. i have a suede reva and i find them comfortable. are lanvin flats far better in terms of comfort compared to the revas?
  2. To be honest, I don't find much of a difference. I have a ton of leather revas and wear the crap out of them. My Lanvins are my nicer, plain flats, and don't get as much use (relatively speaking). I find the leather Lanvins to be very comfy, but not moreso than my revas.
  3. I have (had) black kid-leather in both and I think Reva's are more comfortable. Lanvin is very comfy and I like the added hidden heel, but I think Reva's with the rubber bottom are a little more comfy.
  4. They're designed in very different ways, the Lanvin flat is more true to what a ballet flat is, whereas Revas are a little boxier (in my opinion). I would say that the Lanvins are comfier, but they're more than twice the cost of Revas and much more delicate.
  5. They are both comfortable. I personally like the hidden heel in Lanvin and I feel like it gives my foot more support. But Revas are comfortable too. My pair rubs the top of my right pinky toe if I walk too long, something that never happens with any of my Lanvin and my Revas sometimes dig into the back of my heels. My Lanvins don't really do that either. That said, I think Lanvins are really expensive and I'm not sure they are worth quite what they retail for. I buy them on sale or with cupon codes or using a discount.
  6. im glad i read this...i had no idea lanvins had a hidden heel!
  7. I don't find that much of a difference. Both are wonderful, particularly in suede.
  8. thank you all for your comments! so glad to be a tpfer. :tup:
  9. Great question bagcie!!!:tup:
    im a reva owner in the market for my first lanvin flats for this summer and while ive often asked myself the same question, i never thought to ask it here! and agree tPF is THE BEST fashion community! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  10. i find lanvin flats to be far more comfortable.
  11. I have both and I prefer my Revas. The Revas feel comfier and they wear better. For $550 I shouldn't have to replace the sole after 6 months. Get 3 pairs of Revas for the price of one pair of Lanvins.
  12. I found my satin Lanvin to be rather comfy after I put a foot petal on the back of the heel area. They are not recommended for work that involves standing(I'm a pharmacist) all day though. My feet hurt by the end of the day, not enough support. My patent reva were very uncomfy after wearing all day but I think I needed a 1/2 size bigger. Hopefully my new suede reva will be more comfy.
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