Lanvin Flat owners

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  1. Hello ladies
    I bought couple lavin flats couple months ago and one pair I only wore 4-5 times? but already I see bottom sole looks so worn out and I see rubber has started to split little bit.
    Is it just me ? or other Lavin flat owners are experiencing same thing?
    should I take it to shoes repair?? :confused1:
  2. Yep exact same thing here! I took mine to Arty's in NY and he completely restored them, one pair was so worn through on the heel that if I'd continued to wear them they would have been totally destroyed

    Make sure your repair place knows what they are doing and has the very thin Vibram soles. One place did a hideous repair on mine and the sole was about a 1/4 inch thick rubber.....looked awful!
  3. I had soles put on mine before I ever wore them, it is kinda crazy that $500 flats aren't built to last :shrugs:
  4. I love this flat coz' it is simple and comfortable but wear out so fast.. very poor quality of shoes compare to $$~ :mad::rant:
    On top of what I paid now I have to pay extra $ to fix it..
    Thanks for sharing your experience mooks~ :smile:
  5. When I get my Lanvin flats, the first thing I do is take them to my cobbler for him to put soles on them. Only then do I wear them. The soles have lasted for quite a long time.
  6. Good to know! I have two pairs I haven't worn yet!
  7. i just took my pair to be soled before wear but was so anxious leaving them at the cobblers, i had to insist how valuable they are etc...cross my fingers he's going to do it right...i 'll see that in 2 days, can't wait!
  8. They aren't poor quality. They just have leather soles and leather doesn't wear well on concrete. I take all of mine to Arty's as well.
  9. You are absolutely right, they are wonderful quality it's just that they put such fine leather soles on