Lanvin Flat Colors

  1. Does anyone have the Lanvin Leather Ballet Flats in the Brown or Beige? I am trying to decide which color but cannot find them online to see them... I am worried that the beige would get very dirty. Any insight would be wonderful... Thanks!
  2. Hi mystically. I don't have any pictures, but I was considering the dark brown flats. An SA from Gregory's sent me a picture of it, and the color is sooooo gorgeous. They definitely would stay cleaner than the beige too.
  3. I have this pair, is this a color you were considering?

  4. Hey Lorihm. ---I have those too! they are such a neautral color, I love them!
  5. Ooo Lorihm. Those are gorgeous. I love them - they're so comfortable, but the new interior label in white for summer 2008 is such a drag to keep spotless. The leather interior looks like it would stay nice longer. What season were those?
  6. i have 2 pairs of the dark brown, very pretty color.
  7. Thanks for all your help! I think I am leaning towards the dark brown. Now hopefully Barneys will have my size tomorrow.
  8. Lori - those are exquisite! Would you mind telling me the exact colour name from the box if you can? I love the glazed leather too delicious. I am in Paris and not far from the boutique. They don't have a neutral as beautiful as this in stock currently. They do have a beige (a honey beige) in mat water snake which is very chic. I don't think this colour would get dirty.