Lanvin Flat Boots

  1. Ok , i got my Lanvin Flat Ballet shoes coming from Barneys, so what do you girls think about the Flat boot for 850.00

    Is that too much?
  2. so lucky! i've wanted that boot forever but don't have that kind of money to spare for a pair of boots :sad: please post pics when you get them!!
  3. I think they look amazing. I was thinking of ordering that boot or the kitten heel on but the SAs told me the calves run really large and I have tiny calves. Could you please let us know how they fit when you get them? I would still love to order them if it has a good change of working out.
  4. ^^^ I actually heard that the calf was extremely tiny and around 13.5 inches. That was last year so maybe they changed it. Anyway, I think you should def. get them if you have the money. I want them soooo badly but the price is way too high for me.
  5. They are high but they are exactly what I have been trying to find for several years now so the expensive is worth it to me rather than not wearing boots for the next couple of year again. Did you happen to try them on last year? Is the fit like a JC or MB boot?
  6. I tried them on and couldn't zip them past my ankles, and I ain't that big... :sad: