Lanvin Flat Boots on Sale $515

  1. I wanted those back in November at full retail and they were sold out so doubt there would be anymore than the teeny sizes they have now....awesome boots though!
  2. nooooo not my size!! i've been wanting these boots ever since they first came out :sad: :sad: :sad:
  3. Same here :crybaby:I have the ones with buttons from a couple of seasons ago and really wanted the plain too.....
  4. ^^ me too! I thought all hope was lost trying to get them. And now of course they don't have my size.:rolleyes:
  5. I am always keeping my eyes open for those so will post if I ever see them again......:search:
  6. I'm 99% sure those are mistakes unfortunately -- i.e. those two sizes don't exist and orders will get cancelled. I had my SA check this boot in all the Barneys stores last week and none of the smaller sizes existed (we had checked a lot of sizes); it was available online (showed availability in a bunch of sizes) so I placed an online order anyway to try out my luck.....well every single order got cancelled....and while my credit card has not been charged there's still a massive chunk of money being "on-hold"/pending on the card due to all the cancelled orders.

    And here is the most amusing part -- my SA called, I also called CS....and when I complained that the online system is such a non-functional ordering system, the CS representative simply said "I agree, our website is the worst out there, it's never accurate." WTF?
  7. ^^^ I had the exact same thing happen when I ordered some Lanvin ballet pumps and when I called the Barneys website the person said that to me too.....if they know their site is so crap why don't they have it updating stock real time??!! NAP and Yoox don't have these problems
  8. ahhh I've been wanting these since they were full price! does anyone know where else has them? I tried calling barneys in beverly hills but they don't have anymore
  9. well, I ordered a pair early yesterday morning, so we will see what happens. No cancellation yet (at the time i ordered them there were supposedly 3 pairs available in my size). I"m dying for these and will be thrilled if I actually was able to snap them up on sale. Fingers crossed my order doesn't get cancelled. Of course, I have never tried these on and with my luck they probably won't fit. I don't exactly have the legs of a baby gazelle.
  10. ^^^ Lanvin boots do tend to run on the slender side. Hope they work out for you though as they are beautiful :yes:
  11. I'm not going to lie, the odds are against you.

    a) barneys website orders are always canceled, especially for sale items, especially for hot commodities like these boots.

    and b) these boots are very slim in the calves. I'm a 0-2 sized woman and I couldn't get them anywhere near closed.

    sorry to be a bubble burster, just imagine how much happier you'll be if all turns out fine despite my negativity :flowers:

  12. The same thing happened to me. Their CS Reps confirm that they have the worst website ever yet they don't change it. Imagine how they could increase their revenue if they improved their system. I guess they don't want to!

    I really hate how the money is "held" on your credit card even though you item is cancelled. It is really annoying!!
  13. By the way, let me add that I hope your order works out. The Lanvin boots are really cool!