Lanvin Experts -- Help Please!!!

  1. Does anyone know if all the Lanvin ballerinas (in particular, from this summer's line) are made in France? Or are some of them made elsewhere? Please help! Thank you!
  2. I will check on this for you. I know for sure my patent leather Lanvin flats for Hiver 2006 (last year) were made in SPAIN. Some of my other Lanvin cone heels (the runway styles) were made in ITALY.
  3. Foxycleopatra -- Thanks! ;) I would really appreciate it. . .I dont have too much experience with Lanvin's but my gut on these is that they are authentic judging from quality, detail, etc. But I was under the impression that the ballerinas were always made in France, and this pair says Made in Portugal on the clear sticker indicating the real leather, so this has me concerned as to authenticity. Any insight you could give would be very helpful. Thanks!