Lanvin Boots

  1. Does anyone know where I can find these Lanvin boots and how much they cost? I HAVE to have them. :heart:


  2. I'd like to know too. I love the ones that Lindsay is wearing!
  3. ^That's actually Ms. Richie :yes: and so look just darling there!
  4. The white boots are actually lindsay lohan. So nobody knows where I can purchase these boots and how much they cost? Anybody insight would be great!
  5. The boots in the two pictures are actually two different brands of boots. The white boots are Loeffler Randall - I almost bought them last winter and now wish I did since they were 1/2 off at my favorite shoe store. They cost $650. The same exact pair (crocodile like), but now in the tan color in the second picture are now on sale at that same store called Gimme Shoes in San Francisco. They cost the same amount. I also just went to another store in San Francisco called Metier that has boots like the Lanvins in the second picture but shorter and they are also Loeffler Randalls, but just no croc texture. They were very comfortable. Also, I just found the Loeffler Randalls in black croc on ebay tonight, but the seller was selling them at $999. Overpriced.

    The Lanvin boots have been impossible to track down. I know they were selling them at Madison in Malibu, but they must be sold out by now. I would imagine that those boots cost at least $800 to $1000.