Lanvin "boots-in-shoes"

  1. hmm i'm not that keen on them!
  2. I love EVERYTHING Lanvin!!! They can do no wrong in my eyes. Their shoes are TD4!
  3. Na!
  4. Ew, no!
  5. no no no!
  6. Sorry, but nope...I find them "amusing" in a bad way...
  7. Love 'em. Tres chic!
  8. I love them too! :love: But my taste tends to lean toward the "edgy" avant-garde stuff.
  9. That they're skin tone and black is a little scary... I'd like them in another color combo, though.
  10. I know what you mean - they kind of look like, er... artificial limbs. I guess that's why I'm so smitten with them, the shock-factor... :girlsigh: (pity I can't wear heels though, I'd just fall all over the place in 'em.:sad:)

    ( I ended up buying these instead: )
  11. I wouldn't wear them, but they are interesting to look at...what an ice breaker these would be!
  12. Love the concept and the look, but ITA about the artificial limbs comment, especially if you're legs are covered.
  13. Too weird for me
  14. Not for me either