Lanvin Black Patent Mary Jane Flats

  1. Thoughts?


    Do you think they are going to be a classic? Or do you think it's too trendy? How's the sizing? I heard they run TTS but I had to go up 1 whole size for the last pair of Lanvins I purchased. Also, what's so special about these flats? Are they extra comfy? Is the patent leather different?

    I am looking for a pair of black flats so any suggestions would be great!:tup:

  2. Those are beautiful! I love them they could def be my next purchase go for it!
  3. I LOVE them!! As far as sizing, I find Lanvins fit half size small.
  4. I love them but then I love all the Lanvin shoes. They are so comfy. I am looking to purchase the square toe ballerina flats next.
  5. i tried them on at le bon marché a little while ago and was thisclose to buying them but unfortunately by the time i saw them i had already spent a small fortune on other stuff.
    they are gorgeous and very comfy
  6. My honest opinion is that I didn't understand the hype on this particular style. It's cute but I think it is trendy. Not that it's a bad thing. Just sayin that is a whole lot of money to spend on a trend. But then again, it's true of any designer shoe that is not a basic I guess.

    I am waiting on a pair of Lanvin flats to arrive in the mail. I really want a pair of basic and comfortable shoes. I've given in to the hype and bought a pair. I'm hoing they are as comfortable as everyone says. I love the hidden heel. I think that provides support for feet.
  7. I just ordered that particular pair from Gregory's with their 30% off special, can't wait. I have a few pair of Lanvin flats and also just got the square toe flats in brown and black. I find them very comfortable and stylish at the same time. Be sure to get your cobbler to put on a tap on the bottom of the flats before wearing them, that way your shoes will last a lot longer. BTW, I always buy a half size up Lanvin flats.
  8. i love them, but they do not work if you are short/stubby because the strap cuts your foot in half making you appear moreso.

    i have two pairs of plain lanvin flats and i do love these as well, but they were not flattering on me. made me look too stumpy.
  9. I suggest going half size up. Lanvin flats are so comfy and won't regret it!!!
  10. i'm getting those for my birthday (my parents and i have a rather special arrangement when it comes to purchasing my presents :lol: ), actually to replace a pair of very similar pair of marc jacobs shoes i got for my birthday about 4-5 years ago (except they aren't patent, and the button is brass) that i've worn to death, to the point of them pretty much falling off whenever i wear them with socks, i can sometimes still wear them barefoot. so no, i wouldn't say the style was too trendy if i'm not sick of it after 4-5 years.

    as for sizing, i think these only come in whole sizes so i'm going with my regular size (which is a bit big in the leather ballet flats, but should be ok in patent).
  11. No, they come in half sizes. I ordered and 8.5, because I normally wear an 8.

    I should be getting them sometime this week, so I will post and let everyone know.

    I noramlly don't buy trendy shoes, and I don't think these shoes are trendy at all. They are a basic mary jane cut in patent leather. Lets face it, every year they come out with patent leather. Even when we think its out of style.
    Plus, Its a glossy/shiny shoe. Perfect with opaque tights and a miniskirt. Even pencil jeans, or leggings. I'm looking forward to getting mine. You should get them. I'm sure you'll love them.
  12. very cute!!
  13. I think these are so cute! my only concern is where the strap would hit the top of the foot....