lanvin ballet flats

  1. Yes IMO they do run true to size -- they are soooo comfortable and the cut on those shoes makes your feet look glam. I'm a heels person and don't like how most ballet flats look on my feet (has to do with the cut of the shoe), but I love those Lanvin ones. I'm a huge fan of of Alber Elbaz's designs for Lanvin, especially his shoes & bags. It's a pity that Lanvin hasn't opened a store yet in the US and the runway collection shoes/handbags are so incredibly hard to get (for retail prices off eBay that is).
  2. hi i have just read this listing and i would also love a pair (i love flat shoes)i have managed to find a pair, they have them in 5 different colours in either satin or leather but i want the black leather ones which they only have in a 39.5 and i am a 39 do you think that the half size will make that much difference.:huh:
  3. They are so cute.

  4. oooooooooooh!!!! where did you find them?
  5. I want those!! Are they still around (ie, not on eBay?)
  6. I have a pair that my friend got for me in France. They do run true to size. I absolutely LOVE them.:biggrin::yes:
  7. Can these be found anywhere stateside?
  8. They look fabulous! A couple of celebrities have been photographed recently wearing Lanvin flats.
  9. as well as satineboutique
  10. i have a black pair and they ron true to size!:biggrin:
  11. i have just been on the satinboutique site i cannot find them ?
  12. i have also just been on the BARNEYS website i cannot find them there either am i going mad ? I also checked which designers they carry Lanvin is not on the list.
  13. what a fabulous colour! but I don't like the shoe, to me, they remind me of those little disposable shower caps you get in hotel rooms :sad:
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