Lanvin Ballet Flats

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  1. Hey Ladies!

    I want some opinions please.

    I want to get a pair of Lanvin Ballet Flats.

    Do they run true to size?

    Are they comfortable?

    What colors for fall?

  2. I have 6 pairs, they have their flaws obviously but I really think they are super comfortable. All of mine are 37.5, the regular leather ones are a bit tighter than the patent leather ones. I wear anything from a 37-38 so I'd say they're true to size.

    I'm not sure about the rundown of colors, but it's important to note that for fall their is a new style, the mary jane flat. I've only seen those in patent, and the patent being used this fall in general is a glossy, wet look patent as opposed to the wrinkled/crinkled patent used last Spring.
  3. Are they worth the 520.00 ? I mean will they last long?
  4. i have a pair, it's okay in terms of comfort, i've only worn them a couple times, so can't tell u much about them. oh and they are tts
  5. to me, they're worth it for the quality of the leather, not because they last more than a regular pair of shoes of this price. I wear mine pretty much every single day so they take quite a beating. They definitely look worn, but still beautiful. The only thing that will definitely wear out are the rubber parts of the sole, so get them zipsoled.

    If you get them from Barneys, they'll zipsole them for you. Though to be honest I'm not 100% sure they do this for every purchase or if they do it because I've bought so many from them. :confused1:
  6. Thanks for all your info. Does any other department store sell them other than Barneys?

    Can you recommend a good SA? I'm located in VA, so there is no barneys here, but I wonder if the zipsole if you buy them off the website.

  7. Some Nordstrom locations sell Lanvin. I can't help with the flats but the heels have run true to size.
  8. Lanvin ballerinas r tts, comfy & cute! worth a try huh?! :yes::tup:

    maybe u ought 2 get 1 pair & c how it fits u..
  9. I love my lanvins. I only have one pair so far and i got it early this year. It has take quite a beating but they are so worth it i get so much wear out of them.
  10. zipsoles? what are those?
  11. ^^^
    Zipsoles are a rubber coating that you can add to the bottom of the soles of your shoes. I like them because they add a little more cushioning and protection but some people don't since leather soles are supposed to 'breathe'
  12. i bought one but it doesn't flatter on my feet since my feet is wide.. maybe better for gals with narrow feets
  13. That's a shame, billbill. Hopefully you find something else that works with your foot. I know it's frustrating when you want something and then it doesn't work out.
  14. Lanvin is my favourite flats and I can't get enough of them. They are simple and comfortable. I have quite many and bought them double in the same leather and color. (just stock them up incase one day they will stop producing them)

    I am in love with their black patent leather. I use them all the time and bring them abroad with me walking all days in the rain, on the pebbles and the leather still look fantastic. Only the the rubber soles are worn out but I have the shoes repair fixed them and they are new to me again.

    All of the colors are beautiful depens on what you like. For me I like black and tan shades that match my color, they are simple and I can dress up more. I think they worth $520. :smile: If you get one pair and you're in love with them then you might want another. :yes:

    My Lanvin ballet flats

  15. I love your Lanvin collection ilovemylife! they're booooooootiful!