Lanvin bags...

  1. They are so $$$ but are they worth the money? Classic gorgeous looking bags but I've never seen one in real life. I would love thoughts? Thanks!
  2. The only bag that I've seen from Lanvin was the studded bag. It doesn't seem to be such a BIG name for the price (ex: gucci, lv), but then again, Chloe sells perfume at Rite Aid. Anyway, Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan seem to like it:
    Jess lanvin 2.jpg Jess lanvin 3.jpg Lilo 1.jpg lilo 2.jpg
  3. Love Lanvin bags. It's my favorite bag of the moment. Mine is satin with leather trim, long fringe and gold hardware.

    The lining seems a little cheap, a bit plasticy. That's my only complaint.
  4. the kansas bag is gorg, i don't really like the studded bag, though.
  5. I'm a fan of Lanvin clothing but have never seen a handbag...thanks for posting one! I like it but I'm a dye-in-the-wool Chanel gal....
  6. I've seen occassional Lanvin bags at my local Nordstrom, and wasn't entirely impressed for the price of the bags.
  7. This is one I'm looking at:

  8. Yes it is! it's the 05 style in choc brown. I missed out on Shoe's auction, such a bummer, but I found this...still debating but very close to probably getting it?!?
  9. you should get it!! i think it is such a great bag (that being said, i have never seen one IRL). i haven't gone over $1200 for a bag yet but definitely would for this one.
  10. Lanvin is a HUGE name in clothing. I guess the label is moving into bags more than they have in the past. Alber Elbaz is the creative director for Lanvin.
  11. I LOVE THAT BAG!!!

  12. I've seen a brown 2005 version pop up on ebay occassionally. The leather looks really nice. I've seen the 2006 version at my Nordy's and wasn't very impressed. It was kinda "blah" and the leather wasn't as yummy as the 2005 version. So if you LOVE the bag, go for it. Otherwise save your money and get something else.
  13. I wish I could see the size and style IRL but of course NO! LOL. I guess I'll have to see. The leather looks nice and squishy, I'm just wondering sizewise how the Kansas compares to say a Bbag City? The measurements are about the same but the look is totally different. City seems a good size for me so I guess Kansas would be too?!?
  14. ^^ I know that shoes319 was the one who sold her Kansas recently. She might be able to help you with size comparisons. Drop her a PM--she's very nice!