Lanvin bags

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  1. Does any one own a Lanvin bag? I can not find anything on this Company and saw a bag in a magazine. It has silver balls/studs all over the bag. It was in this weeks In Touch magazine. I just think it is a neat looking bag.
  2. No i cant say that i have
  3. We don't even have a place that sells Lanvin here in HI. I was asking my regular at NM about it the other day. I heard the quality of those bags is just awesome!
  4. You can buy LAnvin bags at Barneys. You may be able to order them onine too - the website is
  5. ^^^nice! I'll check that out:smile:
  6. The Barney's website don't always have all bags posted on the website. Plus they are constantly getting new shipments in. If you prefer to speak to someone at Barney's, there's a wonderful SA at Barney's, Manhasset. I have her card. I love that store!
  7. Thanks :smile: I'll let you know if I need it. I have to research before I buy hehe, habit of mine. I'm so sick of buying things blind and being disappointed :sad:
  8. Yuppers, I totally agree. I'm a researching kinda of a gal myself. But I'm lucky, I live 10 minutes from the Americana Shopping center. Talk about one-stop-shopping! :love:

    Just have to park the car and then I auto cruise from store to store. :biggrin:
  9. Lucky! Ala Moana here is supposed to be one stop shopping, but we are missing so many brands! Don't they know there are Japanese people here who want to buy bags hahaha.
  10. I completely agree - before investing that much in a bag, research is essential. The best thing to do is to try the bag on and to put your wallet, etc. in it to see how it feels. I personally have to see a bag in person before I buy it.

    I was at Barneys recently and the Lanvin bags look nice, but not big enough for day bags for a New Yorker who carries her life in her bag!
  11. 10 minutes from Americana?! You must live right near where I grew up! I'm a Port Washington girl.

    Of course, back when I lived there, Americana was a supermarket, Florsheim and Bonwit Teller!

  12. Don't forget B. Altman's and Best and Co. Yup, that's where I live. I actually grew up on the south shore (5 towns), lived in Manhattan for awhile, then wound up out here (the criteria was no further than zone 4 on the LIRR... lol)

  13. I grew up in Port Washington. To be honest, I have no idea what zone we were/are but the magic of the non-Jamaica line.....ahhhhh.
  14. Is this the bag?

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