LANVIN bags on sale at barneys 40% off

  1. awesome, just ordered the metallic jeanne for my summer weddings. the Barneys website has been sooo slow all day that i missed out on the non-metallic kansas this morning :sad:.
  2. ^^^^

    I had the same problem with their first cut sale last week when I ordered the Barneys New york leather canvas carryall. I finally got my order placed, only to find out it had been canceled 3 days later because it was out of stock. I ended up calling and phone ordering is from Barneys BH, but it was still a huge hassle. That is the 3rd time they the website has canceled my order because an item was out of stock! I hope everything goes through :okay:with yours though!!!
  3. I ordered some shoes from a couple hours ago. I just read rachelmaries post so I called the 1-800 number to make sure my order went through.
    The guy told me that they do not know if my order will go through for 3 days because it takes them that long to process their orders. The only way I can get the shoes for sure is if I call a store and have them ship the shoes to me.
    That is so silly that they cannot tell me if the shoe is still in stock and if I will get the shoe for 3 days.
  4. ^I've had that problem several times with Barney's website. If I want something I just call the store.
  5. My order from the 7th was cancelled. The website still showed them available up until yesterday. They just let me know today.:tdown::tdown: Their website is very slow updating their stock.
  6. i had my order (for the lanvin floral ballet flats) cancelled, too. I wish they would get their act together! It's awful to have your hopes up and then get the sad email that your item won't be coming.