Lanvin bags at Norstrom in Woodland Hills CA

  1. This store opened October 2006 . I was in there today, and they are carrying Lanvin bags and clothing but not shoes, for any interested . . .
  2. do you know of other Nordstroms that carry lanvin bags?
  3. San Diego - the Fashion Valley store.
  4. awesome! it's hard to find lanvin, so this is good news! thanks for sharing!
  5. NM stanford carries them too.
  6. I was told by my SA that select stores got them in and not that many of them. I think they are trying to see if they sell before they order more. But I didn't like the ones they ordered when I saw their book a few months back.
  7. does anyone know if Nordstrom seattle carries lanvin?
  8. Only the Bellevue store got them in, the downtown store was not listed as one of the stores receiving Lanvin bags.
  9. NM Stanford carries them? I was just there yesterday but wasn't looking for them! And the Nordstroms in topanga has a great selection.
  10. thanks laria...
    btw, how could you find out about this? is it on the website?
  11. Its not on their website but you can try calling the stores to ask. I've been told that not all Nordstrom stores carry higher end designer bags but the ones that do always get a book of bags they will be getting in. But the book shows the pictures of the bags they will be receiving and underneath the picture shows the store numbers that will be getting in the bag. In the case of the Lanvin bags, it showed that store #4 would be getting them in which is the Bellevue store. Store #1 the downtown store was not listed. But they may have decided at the last minute to sell them in the Seattle store because the stuff is subject to change. For example the book in the fall showed that Blue Nuit was one of the Chloe bag colors they would be receiving but they never got them in.
  12. Barneys in Seattle does! Their website has a select few too!