Lanvin bags.....are they worth it??

  1. Hi guys!!!!

    I have been eyeing the Lanvin bags....they are up on Barneys New york websites...but they do cost a bit and I dont know anyone carring one so...

    Anyone own one? Hows the durability and functionality on these beauties?? I love that they are low key in brand and the styles are really sweet....thank you!!!!!!!!!!
  2. It's a great low key classic brand. My mother has a few beautiful ones. I would, but can't afford them yet! Wonderful quality.
  3. I have two and love them. I have a patent turquoise heroine bag and a brown calf schoolbag. The heroine had problems with the clasp, but I sent off to Bob Ellis Shoes and they fixed it no questions asked. It's as good as new.

    The patent bag is impervious to weather. The calf gets water spots; have to be careful with it. The both have the great long shoulder strap that I guess all Lanvin bags have. Love them!!
    DSC00010.JPG lanvin_school_bag_4.JPG
  4. i'm curious too. i see the kansas and kentucky styles at Barneys, and worry that you'd be carrying more bag than stuff, kwim? are lanvin bags heavy?
  5. I have a black Kansas tote. Its light. It reminds me of a pillow. Thick and padded.

    Several Lanvin bags were on sale at Barney's recently. I had my eye on a Lux bag but it looks like they sold out.
  6. i have the london bag and the josephine bag- really beautifully made! i think lanvin is the bag to carry if you are looking for the "stealth wealth" look.
  7. I've been wondering the same thing too. Barney's has a nice selection on their website and even a few pretty ones marked down.
  8. I've been seeing Lanvin bags in Paris for years but didn't know much about them. This time, while in Paris for NewYears holiday, I visited the Lanvin store and fell in love. They are timeless, classic, quality bags. I agree they are 'stealth wealth' bags as they're not showy or trendy. I plan to pick one up during my next trip to Paris in June!
  9. I like there bags.
  10. I have a large black with a silver chain from last season from Jeffrey -- supposedly the Mississippi, but it doesn't look like the Mississippi on Barney's website. The leather is really superb, so silky smooth but I am always afraid I will scratch it. I don't think most people know what it is, but SA's have commented on it at several stores.
  11. I absolutely love Lanvin bags... I do not own one, but I hear they do hold up well

  12. Wow--the turqoise is beautiful--what a lovely color!
  13. I was in serious lust over one I saw at Bob Ellis Shoes, but the price was a killer. Then they put them on sale at 30% off.....still a killer. THEN it goes to 50% off and I flinched, but it was still too much money for what for me, was a relatively unknown entity. TDF bags though.
  14. I have two Lanvin bags, both of which I purchased at Barney's. I like them because they seem a little bit edgier than my other bags. One is the black Kanvas with the chain handle. It is slightly heavy, but not bad. It is really a great bag for every day. Holds a lot and easy to get in and out of. Totally durable.

    You don't have to undo the clasp which I find their clasps annoying . . altho I do have the clasp on other my Lanvin which is the cushion crushed patent hero style in the cobalt'ultramarine blue. That one has the fabric handle so I can use that on the other bag if I don't want to deal with the chain. And without the shoulder straps they are great too. The handles are perfect length to go under your arm . . . Whenever I see people carrying the hero bags around they are unclapsed :smile: but they are under the arm

    I am a huge Lanvin ballet flat person so I got into the bags because of the shoes . . . my cobalt blue crushed patents are my fave ballet flats. I don't think are made as well as some bags - LV or BV . . . but definitely comparable to Chloe to me . . .
  15. Your crushed patent cobalt blue bag and your ballet flats sound like they are TDF!