1. What should I do?

    I purchased a pair of the Lanvin maryjane flats, black patent. I love them and I've only worn them about 6 times. BUT, the bottoms seem to look like they have a black paint, that is already wearing away! Also, the inside lining just peeled away! What crap!

    I got them shipped from barnyes, but I dont have the store around, just the Co Op, soo pissed!

    I spend over 550.00 dollars for these shoes!

    What can I do?
  2. send them to the cobbler and see what he can do for you? the soles of my lanvins have worn out and i haven't done anything to them yet but soon i guess! good luck!
  3. lanvins soles wear out fast u just get ur cobbler to fix them
  4. it's a shame, but as the others have said, the soles do need to be reinforced. On the plus side, i've been wearing the same pair of lanvin flats heavily for a year now and the leather still looks like the first day I took them out of the box. just take them to a cobbler and they will fix them up for you. they are adorable shoes!
  5. Agreed, its really annoying but I had the same thing happen with my first pair. If you take them to a cobbler they will add a reinforced sole that will work for you. In all honesty i now have them add a protective layer after the third wear because half a dozen seems right about the number where the wear starts showing.