Lanvin anyone?

  1. Hey guys, my new purse fettish besides Rebecca Minkoff is Lanvin...I was wondering if anyone knew any good deals or rare pieces anywhere? Thanks!! Im open to all colors and styles!!:girlsigh:

    And any other Lanvin lovers out there?
  2. i am!!! :heart: i love lanvin!
  3. I've seen some lovely Lanvin bags at but even the sale prices are still pricey.
  4. Lanvin is amazing.
  5. I've always loved the Lanvin Hero bag, it's amazing!
  6. Hey nice to find this thread.

    I am all about Lanvin for the past three weeks for some reason.

    I tried to look for a lanvin thread here as the other purseblog sites have ...

    It all started when somebody gave me the lanvin eclat perfume... I started checking their accessories at Barneys...

    I just orderd the ballerina flats which will arrive this wednesday and I am probably going to try and look for a maxi miss bag. Most of my purses are LVs and Chloes and running on the big side.... I just got a delicate dress and found out that i don't have any purse to go with it...

    So won't stop until I get a Lanvin maxi miss bag !!! will post pictures if i get them.

    Here it is!!!

    Tell me what you think of the bag!! Bad or good.. would like to hear it.. Prada made one that looks like this with a detachable chain but flatter.. Lanvin has three expandable spaces or 2?

    let me know especially those that have the maxi miss.. tell me what you think of your bag.
    thanks again.
    I also posted my HUGE bags.... I need to take a complete picture of the family though.
    Thanks and Long live Lanvin!!!
    lanvin-metallic-maxi-miss-bag.jpg IMG_0636.JPG IMG_0336.JPG
  7. wow your Chloe's are TDF!!! I only have one maggie in taupe and one betty hobo...but why do some of them have the tags on them? Are they new?? If they are go show them off!!:woohoo:

    Im looking for the Lanvin Niger...need a big bag does anyone have one? And what do you think of it? I particularly love Lanvin's exquisite designs they are so unique and their hardware detailing is just delightful...any opinions?

  8. Raises hand here! I've been a huge Lanvin fan since their 2005 debute of the original "Kansas" tote in deerskin. Theirs shoes are so innovative and TDF as well. Alber Elbaz is a genius. I love how Lanvin bags are still a cult-favorite and somewhat below the radar (to the average person on the street)....prefer them that way!
  9. as with all things Lanvin, the bags are lovely and beautifully crafted. Lanvin is always a wonderful choice.
  10. I love Lanvin! I think the Oolala cluch is so cute!
  11. i love lanvin but super expensive
  12. I love Lanvin! I don't see their bags often in DC though, probably because we don't have a Barney's. I also really like their overpriced costume jewelry.

    Amacasa, I've tried on both the Prada and the Lanvin and in my opinion the Lanvin is better. The Prada is a little too flat to really carry much in.
  13. Thanks for this, Softee_bee, I adore Lanvin as well. I started with a Kansas tote, went quickly to a Hero bag and a burgundy Oulala clutch and am now reviewing the spring line at Barneys. Favorites are the Delave tote in Marine:

    ....and the Papillote in the cartoon print:

    I'm afraid I went a bit mad over the shoes as well, but they're just so pretty. What other things Lanvin are people interested in?
  14. I love Lanvin shoes, dresses and costume jewelry as well. :smile:
  15. So excited about this thread! Love the "L" bags!!! The Kentucky is my personal favorite. Shoes are great, clothes are gorgeous - it's alllllll good! Max in Denver has a great selection.