Lanvin and the bear market...

Sep 18, 2006

Whilst I can see a enormous level of excitement for the Lanvin range for H&M, is there anyone else out there who has paid out lots of money for an exclusive Lanvin dress/coat/bag/jewellery only to see it now replicated for H&M?

Whilst I appreciate the accessibility of fashion to all, it has taken away some of the fashion exclusivity that surrounded Lanvin that I know I saved/worked hard to purchase.

I’m just wondering if anyone else is put off the brand because of this?
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Apr 17, 2006
new york.
i wrote about this in my blog, but essentially yes. though, it's not so much about the fact that they're making Lanvin available to the public. rather, i'm upset that this entire collection is pretty much a rehashing of Spring 2009. in that regard, i feel as if one had bought a piece from the Spring 2009 collection, i could sense the irritation that the same items are being rereleased for H&M.

i think that while the collaboration is nice, it does not represent the true essense of Lanvin. sure, the one shoulder draped dresses are, but there was no introduction of ballet flats or anything else. instead of encapsulating a Lanvin classics, they decided to recreate a one-shot season specific items - Spring 2009. the shoe they decided to produce, for example, are near exact replicas of the Spring 2009 shoes. my gripe about this collaboration is that it is neither here not there, but instead rests in this middle awkward middle ground that resembles more of a "knock off" of Spring 2009, rather than a collection on it's own.

i love high and low collaborations, Rodarte x Target, Mulberry x Target, Mary Katrantzou x TopShop. each of those collections introduced high end flair with low end sensibility, and produced new and original pieces that were exclusive to the collection alone. I don't feel as though the Lanvin x H&M collaboration does that. The pearl sequined flower necklaces, the crystal pumps, even the embellished t-shirt with legs - they have ALL appeared in the Spring 2009 collection.

finally, to top it all off the material looks more H&M than it does Lanvin. true, we are paying $200 vs $2000 for a dress, but it appears as though the pieces are made with the same shoddy materials as a $70 H&M dress, while the extra $130 is going to pay for the name of Lanvin.

i don't hate the collaboration, but i hate that they're essentially replicating old seasons, when they should have created new pieces.
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May 31, 2006
I own many Lanvin pieces, and the quality is exquisite. I have no interest in the H&M collaboration, because while the styles are nice (and a near re-creation of Spring 2009, as the poster above noted) the construction looks shoddy from what I have seen online.

The Lanvin pieces that I have are like works of art--you really have to see, touch, feel them in person to appreciate how masterful the draping and craftsmanship is.

So to answer the question--I don't think the H&M stuff in any way detracts from owning the real pieces. In some ways, I think it is the same as knocking off Chanel jackets--many high street shops and lower priced brands knock off the look of Chanel jackets, but those who own the real thing understand the difference in look and feel.


Sep 9, 2006

About 2/3 of my wardrobe is Lanvin( and I have a large wardrobe), I can attest that the workmanship is exquisite. Lanvin is so comfortable, light, easy to move around in, and it makes me look "interesting/intelligent" LOL It literally takes me through the day to night...Lanvin is my work clothes and since I'm working most of the time, it only makes sense to spend money in clothes that I live in! And Alber's dresses are incredible!

The H&M collaboration looks like cheap knock-offs to me because the designs are exactly the same from Alber's previous collections just made with less detail. I think it would have been slightly better if he had whipped up something new for the collaboration, then even Lanvin clients might be tempted to go to H&M to get it. Aside from that, I am a bit put off by this move by Lanvin because this means that they're taking their label more commercial....The first move on their part was the collaboration with Acne, using less luxurious materials(in comparison to the materials used on pre08 collections) and expansion of their accessories line as well as introducing their cheaper diffusion line.
I mean, I stopped buying Balenciaga when the same thing happened over there in 04/05 but they're under the Gucci Group so the move was understandable.

While I do understand from the business perspective to make the label appeal to broader range of consumers just like many labels did in the past, I feel that it is against the earlier Lanvin philosophy as a luxury house. As a Lanvin girl, I am less than thrilled where the label is heading towards.

But at the end of the day, the house is independent and needs to make money. I guess it can't stay "niche" for eternity....sigh. I will keep buying Lanvin's first line as long as Alber's magic continues, but I refuse to buy into their marketing scheme.
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