L'Annee Du Tigre Pocket Square

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  1. Hi Everyone! I haven't been on this site since October but miss reading everyone's posts and hope that everyone has been increasing their H acquisitions!

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me if they've seen any L'Annee Du Tigre (Year of the Tiger) pocket squares in their neighborhood H store? I'm expecting my little baby girl in June and would love to have 4 of them to frame for her room. So far I have two. I would be interested in international locations as well. That's how desperate I am :P Ideally I would love to have one with pink or green in it and there is also one with blue and pink in it that is no longer available in the US. Thank you!


  2. What a lovely thing to do - my daughter just missed being a tiger {born on the 3rd February by elective c section as she was in the breech position}. I have one buffalo scarf but never thought to get any more when they first came out!

    I managed to get a tiger one at Glasgow, Scotland but that was a while back so not sure if they still have any there [I was stuck in the house before Christmas as the weather was bad and not able to go to the shops].

    Good luck in your search though - the colours you have already are lovely!
  3. Thank you Alidoll. Of course I thought of this late last year but never got around to hunting them down. Now I will just have to keep my fingers crossed that I can at least find one more that won't clash with the two that I already have.

    Congrats on your baby!!
  4. Try calling the Neiman Marcus White Plains men's department. They have a few pochettes. Not sure if they have the Tigre.
  5. I remember seeing them in the city center h store in Vegas!! Give them a call!! This is such a cute idea!! Congrats!
  6. LOVED this
  7. Thank you I will give them a try. I forgot all about Nieman Marcus. There's a Nieman's in town so I may have to stop by tomorrow :P
  8. You might want to check the sales...if you have them in your area. I think BH gets scarves at their sale (which is this week). NY gets them as well. Perhaps a very nice SA will hunt them down for you. It's beautiful pattern and a lovely idea!
  9. ATG my SA is on vacation so another SA is having 2 shipped in from 2 different H stores. The two that are coming in I've never seen the colorway. I was hoping that perhaps the Fucshia and Ciel one was hiding on a shelf and was not in the computer system because according to the computer system, that one is no longer available in the US
  10. [​IMG]

    Here are more pics to help you out. From my collection.

    I've seen the baby pink/blue version too, it is truely CUTE. I would get that colourway for a baby, it is soooo suitable.
  11. ^ I really love the White/Green colourway - would love to have that one.
  12. Lyanna thank you for posting pics of your pochette. I would really love to have the blue and pink one but I think that it's impossible to find.
  13. What a lovely thing to do, GL for your search!

    Lyanna, you sure went all the way with these lovelies!! Stunning!! I think ms piggy has the pink/blue in her signature?
  14. Do you think Ms Piggy would want to sell hers to me? Probably not :cry:
  15. I'm afraid I haven't been lucky enough to see any of them irl but I'm going to be phoning my store tomorrow (on the hunt for something) so I'll ask if they have any for you - the store is in London though.