Lane Bryant SALE

  1. I was in this small shopping center today and wandered in to Lane Bryant to see if I could find something for my friend who is going to Florida next week. I couldn't believe it, but they had a huge sale with markdowns to $6.99. I picked her up a pair of Seven jeans, Seven capris and 2 blue jean jackets--all for $6.99 each. They had a good selection. They had more expensive things on sale but I was not sure of taste and I really don't like to buy clothes for people unless I am pretty sure they will like them and wear them. I can't wait to give my friend her things tomorrow.

    Went to a nice store called Tuesday Morning and bought some great stuff for the house. I always love shopping there.
  2. I love their Venezia jeans. Almost makes up for being a size 14.
  3. just got email. 30$ of 60$ purchase. use code 030007604
  4. was this an outlet or a regular store ? I want seven jeans for $7 thats amazing !