Lane Bryant for Paula Post Dress?


Jun 18, 2007
Sunny San Antonio, TX.
Hi..I recently found this while thrift shopping. I fell in love with the dress it was vintage, and unfortunately too big for me, as well as long too. I wanted to buy it but my mom said it was too lady like for me. I just loved the rhinestones on it. I looked on the internet to try and find something on the designer but no such luck. I was wondering if anyone here knew anything on it. I have posted pics below. Please let me know ....Thanks!



Feb 28, 2008
This link below is to a site that has a community of vintage enthusiasts that will be able to help with info about the designer and the dress itself. If anyone knows anything, they'll be on that forum! To register you need an IP email (or a school email, that is what I used.) They won't let you sign up with a web-based/free email (like gmail or yahoo.) Also, you have to post a certain number of times before you can post photos. But it is worth it if you are interested in vintage fashion.

I found this scan of a newspaper from 1966 that mentions Paula Post (third column),2594501

You may be able to have it altered to your size and shape. Lane Bryant has always been a plus-size clothing company. The ladies in the Fedora Lounge forum will have suggestions about alterations.

As for your mom: if you like it, get it! Unless she is paying for it ;)

I hope that helps. I love vintage and I love learning about it!