landyard for treo 700wp/does the soild or spray smell better?

  1. hey
    I just bought the perfume landyard for my phone but im trying to figure out how to put it on my phone any help? i don't wana take it back i bought the solid perfume and a customer was arguing with the SA buy telling her that the solid was stronger than the spray. that was not true what does everyone else think b/c i agree with the SA that why i bought the solid but i think i will go back friday and get the fragrance my cashmere mist is running out.
  2. I just got back from the store and to me anyway, the solid smelled sweeter and more pleasant than the spray. I wouldn't say it is stronger, but just different - in a good way. I actually like it better than the spray.
  3. So, is there a lanyard and a keychain perfume or are these one and the same??
  4. I bought the solid and also have some spray. I think the solid is a bit more subtle than the spray. I do like it better than the spray, but I do like both.
  5. the landyard looks like the spray bottle with blk string and the chain has the solid perfume in it. but there is a keychain with just the bottle with no fragrance
  6. Oh, I see. Thanks for clearing that up. I remember a post the other day about the key chain bottle with no fragrance but I wasnt aware of the lanyard one. I may have to have one of those too. Does anyone know if the outlets will ever carry the perfumes as a regular item?? I know they keep the lotions and cleaners.
  7. I went to coach .com and was looking at the perfume. I saw everything but the lanyard. Is it sold out already or do they just not have it online yet?
  8. The customer may have meant that it is stronger because a solid perfume is pure oil and the purest form of perfume. Whereas the spray has alcohol added to it :smile:

    I prefer the solid, I loveee it.
  9. i just bought it at the store today but they did not have the keyring with the bottle on it. They might not have it avalible online yet. that's werid!!!Well i have it!
  10. actually the solid shouldn't be as strong, as solid perfume is usually known (this from a fragrance/cosemetic expert) as a lesser form? and doesn't last as long.
  11. those are VERY rare as of now.

    all stores in bay area have two of the key ring and two of the lanyard

    and JAX itself has only about 250

    amazing when you think of it

    i want the lanyard
  12. the customer also said that the soild had a strong gardenia while the spray had a less gardenia in it.
  13. Maybe this picture will help? (FYI...I had to attach dental floss to my lanyard, push that through, then pull the lanyard through...)

  14. Not sure about the 700 but my treo 650 does not have a place to affix a lanyard. :sad:
  15. i think the solid smelled A LOT better than the spray....haha did anyone get the cute little coach ribbon braclets sprayed with the perfume?? i thought that was GENIUS!!!