Home & Garden Landlord won't make repairs.


Dec 22, 2012
I moved in June and the landlord said the bathtub was newly refinished. When I moved in, the bathtub had a bumpy finish and I noted it on the move-in sheet. Over the next couple of months after that, the tub started to peel more and more over time. I notified the landlord, they said it was fine. then they said all the tubs in my building were installed "too low" or something, but it would be a hassle to fix when the apartment is still occupied by me ( in other words, they don't want to replace the tub, it would take a couple weeks and they'd have to put me somewhere else to live for that time). The landlord said she'd note in my move-in sheet that I would not be responsible for any damage to the tub b/c there were problems previously with it. So I'm covered there but now the tub is peeling extensively and rusting. It looks like a mess and I've only been here for 6 months. My lease is up in 6 more months but I feel the tub is only going to get worse and I am paying a lot of rent for a tub in poor condition. I want it to be fixed or I want to move out.

Even though they worked with me and said I would not be responsible for damages, should I still ask for it to be repaired because it looks really bad?


Dec 27, 2005
Send a certified letter to them claiming this is a serious health hazard that they know about and refuse to fix. Give them XXX days to reply to you in what they are going to do to correct the problem. Can you call the city-do they have some department for landlords that refuse to fix things? I know there are people and agencies that do help tenants. If you are friends with your doctor have him write a note saying this is a health hazard to be exposed to rush and who knows what chemicals are there peeling from the repainted tub.
Basically if the bathtub is peeling you can't take a bath so it has to be showers only. Painting a bathtub and having peeling will only get worse. We had one in a old house we bought. It felt bumpy and I would never ever take a bath in it because I thought it was just gross. We sold the house after being in it for 6 months.....never again will I own a house without a pretty bathtub.
Good luck. I hope others can direct you in what to do.

Your landlord is full of it. A tub can be replaced in two days, probably even one. They don't want to spend any money......