1. ok, i made an appearance at the Saks Town Center Chanel trunk show today for Cruise '07. WEll, imo, what i saw should be made to walk the plank. There was NOTHING I would even rent on Beg, Borrow or Steal (have never used them anyway and have no reason to, but you get the picture now of how uninterested i was in carrying any of the bags). Saks had a small selection (maybe NM will have more in 2 weeks), and what i saw was just, faddy, trendy, and not particularly desirable. Not even "edgy classic" which is my most beloved type of Chanel bag! But then again, this is just my opinion.

    So i sauntered over to shoes and bought the classic slingback camel high heels with embroidered black CC on toe and little black bow

    (aftermath of being with the Jills, i just bought something a couple days later lol rofl)
  2. Sounds great to me ....meaning it will be easier to cruise through cruise and stay on ban until spring/summer 08 collection.:tup:
  3. I don't think theres any bags I'm interested in till the reissues of 08. Thank God, the prices are getting crazy.

    I remember when I was into LV (many years ago) and I thought getting near $1000 was a lot, now I have easily surpassed that with Chanel, but I don't want to be paying upwards of $3000 for a flap.
  4. yes, i am thankful that it will be easier to stay on ban, which i just put myself on a nanosecond ago :p

    there was a bag there today, a big white one with a giant giant black CC on it, a beach tote, very seasonal, very in-your-face, and very "here today gone tomorrow" and it was around $3,000

  5. Gosh - i do wanna buy a Chanel at Cruise but have yet to see any that really caught my eye (picky old me); and now prices are going up; at this rate, I might end up with not even one piece! It is so stupid to buy one which i do not really like just for the sake of owning one, right?
  6. I haven't seen anything of interest yet either so I had to get the e/w caviar flap in blue fonce to console myself:graucho:
  7. :yahoo: Thanks for the good (money saving) news!
  8. This is great news!! I have no $$. :p
  9. Ditto. LOL:lol:
  10. True, agree with you gals; if we have nothing to buy cos there is really nothing that catches our eye then well, it is good news cos nothing to lust after :smile:
  11. This is fab news ... so save now and spend on S/S08 goodies!!! :wlae:
  12. I think Cruise07/08 is wonderful this year.. I cant wait to get my hands on the Hollywood and Metalic Symbols.. Ive only bought 2 chanels this year because i thought the collection was really bad this year.. Now its getting interesting with cruise and then spring summer!
  13. Did they have metallic symbols or the new bubble quilt line-for some reason I feel that its jersey though.
  14. that's disappointing!
  15. oh - i must tell you, they did not have the Hollywood line at Saks trunk..thanx for reminding me about that, now THAT line i have a feeling will be much more interesting. And i didnt realize the bubble quilt is part of Cruise. I think its jersey too - saw it at Chanel with the Jills, and it is gorgeous...

    but Saks didnt have anything like Hollywood, or bubble jersey quilt!
    when i attend NM trunk show on the 24th, will report back!!