Landed an awesome job yesterday, want to buy myself a present....

  1. My choices are a:

    *Black Caravan

    *Rouge Evelyne

    *Orange/ Rouge Herbag

    *Cyclamen Agenda

    I think the agenda I will buy regardless....I just cant decide which bag...


    I start my new job Monday...the saying "good things come to those who wait" is soooo true!:yahoo:
  2. congrats!!!! for myself i'd probably pick the herbag -- would all the choices be equally useful to you?
  3. One vote for the Evelyne.
  4. Congrats Donna, I vote for the Evelyn too!
  5. Third vote for the Evelyne.

    Congrats on the new job, Oh Donna. Yay!
  6. Oh Donna congratulations!!
    Definately go for the agenda and whichever bag not only will make you most happy but will be most useful.
  7. congrats Donna go for the Evelyne
  8. OHHHH!:nuts: :yahoo:That's awsome news Donna! I'm so happy for you, after your moving and so on! Great!
    For what's regarding the present I was about to say definetly go for the agenda. For the bag I say Evelyne.:yes:
  9. i think the cyclamen agenda will pair really well with the orange herbag, colorwise. Cyclamen and rouge will probably clash. Cyclamen and black will work beautifully too.
  10. congrats on the new job! i had an interview yesterday so i hope to have similar news soon! i say the evelyn.
  11. Congrats, Donna!

    Another vote for the Evelyne.
  12. Oooooh I'm guessing it's a Rouge H? Yum, get the Evelyne! :drool:
  13. Congratulations, Donna!! :yahoo:

    Another vote for the Evelyne! :heart:
  14. Congrats Donna!!
    I vote for the Evelyne too...Rouge H!
  15. Congratulations on your new job!!! Another vote for Evelyne :graucho: