Land Rover LR3 owners - need some opinions please

  1. We're thinking of trading in one of our cars for the LR3, and dh has been test driving them and really likes them. I think they are pretty, with the room we need for our family, as well as the rugged 4 WD we need for the winters.

    Thing is, I would want to hear from other owners what they experience with theirs -

    - Gas mileage - dealership says it gets 9 mpg WTF??? And it takes supreme - am I to believe we will be spending $70 at the pump 3 times a week?

    - comfort - are they really comfy? I know the Range Rovers are, but is the LR3 a downgrade in comfort?

    - Do you tow anything with it? Whats the gas mileage then, 2mpg?

    - upkeep and maintenance - Land Rovers have a reputation of breaking down, how much have you put into yours since owning it?

  2. 9 mpg?? Yikes! I would think it gets better mileage than that..not by much though...high teens?

    How bout a VW Toureg V10 diesel!?
  3. I can count 5 friends of mine who have HAD Land Rovers (2 Discoverys, 1 Freelander, 1 Range Rover and 1 LR3) and ALL have sold them within 1-3 years of buying them. All had very consistent problems:
    • CRAPPY gas mileage
    • Mechanical and/or electrical problems galore, leading to many hours in the dealers for repairs
    • Uncomfortable seating and poor storage space for the size (Freelander, Discovery, LR3, esp the back seat)
    9 mpg is inexcusable, especially with gas prices at $3+/gallon (I'm assuming you're in the US?) that isn't likely to decrease anytime soon.

    Question, do you live in an area where 4WD is absolutely necessary during the winter months, or is it the "SUV" profile DH wants?

    There are other options, including the VW Charles mentioned, and some SUV-looking vehicles that are 2WD (better gas mileage) or hybrids. Even station wagons, such as the BMW wagons, Volvo wagons, and Subaru wagons that get much better gas mileage than 9mpg!!

    I have to have 4WD for our mountain winters and our Toyota 4Runner gets anywhere between 18-22 mpg. Still sucks relative to other cars but for snow driving and boat towing in the summers, it's not a bad choice!
  4. Charles - yeah, I know, the gas per month is as much as the car payment...

    redney - We do need 4wd SUV, we live in the mountains and it snows quite often. DH needs a nicer car for business (caddy's are out of the question, I dont like them) so we thought the LR3 was a nice choice for him. Gas is only getting more expensive, so if we were to buy this one, it would be his work car, plus our snow car - the rest of the time we would drive my Volvo wagon (which get AWESOME gas mileage)

    The touregs are just as expensive as LR3s, and I dont think dh would drive diesel.

    Know of any other nicer SUVs I might have him look into?
  5. I am not sure about the LR3. I guess it's the newest model?

    But I had a friend who bought a brand new Land Rover Discovery, said it was a piece of crap, and sold it. He loves Range Rovers though and has the one that looks like a convertible jeep, whatever that one is. I think it's a Defender.

    My aunt and uncle though have a Discovery and have had it for years so they must be pretty happy with it.

    What about the Volvo SUV? I know someone with one and they like it a lot.
  6. Funny - we just were saying, how about another Volvo?
  7. I don't know if you've considered it, but we had a BMW X5 and absolutely LOVED it!! It was a good, strong, comfy luxury SUV and the gas mileage wasn't too bad at all. Not to mention that the customer service from the dealership was OUTSTANDING!! When I take my car in for service/maintenance, I like knowing that they will have a loaner car waiting for me when I get there. I like feeling safe in my vehicles, that's why I prefer BMWs or Mercedes Benz. I think they are great! ;)
  8. needanother, I hear ya on needing 4WD in the snow! :tup:

    Great ideas with the X5 and the Volvo SUVs! There's also a few Lexus models (I think the smallest - the RX - is finally available in a hybrid!!), Mercedes Benz - I don't know the models but there's the "minivan" looking one and the "tankish" looking one. Some good friends of mine just got a new Nissan Armada, it's nice looking too and holds a TON of stuff.
  9. Thanks redney -

    We're going to trade his current Benz in on this SUV, it's a fantastic, sexy car, but it wont go in the snow at snowed last night and he took my wagon out, which isnt always an option. so I mentioned the Benz M class (which I would drive in a heart beat) and he said its a classy mom car, not the image he wants lol.

    But, the BMW and Volvo XC90 are in the running now, so at least we are looking now at SUVs with better gas mileage - I dont think I could ever swallow the gas issue with the LR 3.
  11. Do you absolutely need an SUV or can you go with an AWD sedan?
  12. I dont know anything about gas mileage but I just wanted to throw in another option for you to consider, what about the audi q7 or as Charles mentioned a VW Touareg?
  13. If you are open to sedans, Audi has 4WDs. I love their Q7 SUV but I'm not sure if that one comes in 4wd. And yes, the Land and Range Rovers are notorious for being a pain in the A to maintain!
  14. all land rover products are horrible: my best friend fell in love with the LR3 and we went to a mechanic who works soley on SUV'S: he told her to RUN from all land rover vehicles. she bought a chevy tahoe instead and loves it.

  15. Should have mentioned - we need to tow a ski boat, so need a good towing capacity.

    The smaller SUVs would work best, as the larger ones (Tahoe, Suburban, Expedition, Escalade, etc) Do not fit in the parking garages in the city here.