Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear

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  1. Product name/shade: Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear Foundation

    Review: I will first admit that I fell victim to watching a couple of the youtube guru's rave about this product, I was at the Lancome counter picking up a new mascara and saw this sitting there so I asked about it and she gave me a sample that lasted a week. I was in LOVE with it! I ran right back out for the full size bottle.

    I can not wear heavy medium/full coverage foundations, Im more of a TM / light coverage gal, This fits the bill, it wears like a TM with a good amount of coverage. It does NOT steak and applies amazingly well.

    The finish is not matte or luminous, its a very natural finish and it stays put all day with no oilies showing through on my T-zone.

    Price: $32 (i believe its just under 1oz.)

    Will purchase again: Yes, This is the best foundation I have worn in a very long time.

    Where to find it: Any Lancome Counter.
  2. I agree! It is very comfortable and makes you look finished. I apply it with a foundation brush, over the Lancome base. I always purchase makeup when there is a gwp, so I can try more stuff!
  3. I have very oily skin, I have never seen nor met a person with oiler skin than I, so I thought this would work. I was very disappointed at first. My skin looked just as oily, if not more oily than it would have with no foundation, and not even throughout the whole day just about six hours. So I thought I must have been doing something wrong because everyone was so happy with it. So I started to use a thin layer instead of a medium layer, it worked much better and now i'm on my second bottle of it. The thin layer works very well and keeps me natural looking. It is also, it is a very light coverage and goes on very evenly, I just use it to balance out redness.
  4. ^^Im glad you ended up liking it too!

    I went to a water park on Wednesday and after the park we change and then go to the outlet malls in orlando, I took my sample of this foundation with me just to slap some on my face after (I was a little red from the sun, hot, & looked a mess) I took a tiny bit of this on my fingertips and just rubbed it on (no mirror, kind of like i would sun screen or something) I looked in the mirror later and was floored and how good it looked. Fresh & clean with an even tone. Im very happy with this stuff!
  5. I love this foundation!! I tried this after using bare escentuals for years which at times is too powdery/dry for my skin. I will definitely be repurchasing again :tup:
  6. great review! i'm going to try this soon.
  7. Thanks for your input! I was curious about this as I have very, very oily skin.
    Did anyone use a powder on top? Did it affect the way it wore?
  8. I use powder on top of mine and I think it sets it nicely and keeps me matte longer but I honestly don't pay that much attention so maybe it doesn't do much lol
  9. Thanks for the input. This is definitely going on my must-try list!
  10. I lightly dust a powder over it, im still loving it!
  11. I'm sold. This foundation makes me look more radiant and has a good match for me colour wise. I look better in photos than my other CdP foundation.

    My only complaint is that it seems to come off my face very easily, just with a light bolt with tissue or a careless finger on the face. The CdP doesn't. I don't cake it on either. And it doesn't do well with my usual routine of spraying Avene as a last step, a lot comes off.

    I do have CdP base below and loose powder on top. I wonder if it it adheres better to Lancome's base or is it just the nature of the quality?
  12. I dont use any base and mine stays put all day, I just wear a little bit of it but it doesnt come off at all. Im wondering if its your base?
  13. After reading this thread and already loving so many Lancome products, I am going to buy this tomorrow while out shopping. Hope I like it!
  14. Before I bought it I asked for a sample and the SA was more then happy to make me a large sample that lasted me a good bit so i could try it out first. I would recommend asking for a sample, I hope you love it too!!
  15. Went to Century 21 Saturday and had the Lancome girl do it for me since I didn't know what shade to choose, it looked great!!!! Even hubby who is not a big make up fan looked it looked very natural on me! I was going to buy some right then and there, but, they did not have my shade in stock, so, she gave me a little bottle that she said should last me 10 days.

    now, am i putting on foundation correctly? I put a little on the back of my left hand, then dip my wonderful Sephora foundation brush into it, then brush it all over my face blending it in. is that correct? Sad to say that at 46, I have not mastered the art of foundation applying, lol! Will be going back this weekend to buy the bottle though, it looks great!!