Lancome Shopping turns into Coach Surprise

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I had to share my story with you all since I can't stop smiling :biggrin:

    So I went to Macys on Friday after work to purchase some Lancome make-up and after I got what I needed I start to head out the door. As I am walking towards the exit of the store, I pass by Coach and I see a Madison Opt art large Sabrina in Graphite staring at me. Her color got my attention and so I pick her up, she is on the clearance section but no price tag inside or on the bag. So I ask the sales lady what her price is and she kindly says oh someone just returned this bag and I know she paid full price but it is on sale now. Long story short she tells me what a steal she is only 159.00 and I yell out, OMG, I have to have her! She is so pretty and I love the color combination. So I purchase her and am thirilled to death that I only paid 159.00 for her. I have always wanted her but not willing to pay full price so now I feel it was meant to be that I take her home. On Saturday DH took me to the outlet to pick up my Valentines gift Claire was waiting for me in Black. She is beautiful! I carried her yesterday when we went out to dinner. She is very comfortable and large inside, holds a lot of my stuff. Also was able to pick up the matching wallet for Sabrina for 27.00 after 20% coupon. Here is a picture of Graphite Sabrina with her matching wallet.

    ISo I had a great weekend and I am a happy camper.:yahoo:
  2. I LOVE this color combo
  3. So pretty! congrats on a great find! Love it!!!
  4. Wow! Good job finding that at such an awesome price! I also picked up that wallet this weekend at the outlet. Now I just have to find a purse to match. LOL!!!!!!!!
  5. Here is the my Valentines Gift Coach Claire from my husband. We picked her up at the outlet, one two left on the shelf so I was lucky to have gotten there early.
    I just love this bag because it holds a lot of stuff and it is easy to carry.

  6. Thanks for the kind words ladies. I feel so lucky because I was never able to find this particular Sabrina at the outlet. Everytime I went they only had Sand, Khaki, Black. No Graphite. So Glad I stumbled across this at Macys.
  7. I love the colors, and what an awesome price.
  8. bag twins - I got the brown this weekend -
  9. yay! We are bag twins! I felt the same way, loved the bag but didn't want to pay FP for her. Until one day I was at my outlet and spotted her. Great Finds, enjoy them!
  10. Very nice!
  11. Super gorgeous.. Love them both Congrats...
  12. congrats!!!
  13. Congrats on your great finds!! Don't you just love it when that happens!!?? :smile:
  14. Love that bag!
  15. I have not stopped smiling all weekend:yahoo: Boy do I love a steal!