Lancome On Line Promotion exp 8/5

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  1. Lancome is having a super promotion, it expires 8/5 today, but you ladies still have time.

    First you should register at the above site. Then spend $50 (not hard to do) and you get free shipping. At the promotional code box, type in SAND. You get 3 juicy tubes of gloss in pink, mauve and peach type shades, a large clear gloss, an eyeshadow quad, and a sample mascara. Then when you check out, you get a sample selection, one of the selections is a full size tube of pink diamond lipstick, a wonderful pink shade.

    Can't beat this one. Hope you can take advantage.
  2. Wow, thanks!

    I just picked up a waterproof eyeliner and tinted moisturizer with spf30.:tup:
  3. Oh geez I am a sucker for these "free with purchase" bonuses. I don't think I've ever actually purchased mascara, just have been getting by on the samples. Thank you for the heads up!
  4. Glad someone was able to take advantage, I already ordered for all my friends!
  5. Thanks! You can also get 7% back thru
  6. Wish I'd know that, placed so many orders today. Is everything legit with them, seems too good to be true.
  7. Great deal!
  8. Thanks ReRe...I'm almost out of the tinted moisturizer. Good timing!:smile:
  9. Yes, both fatwallet and ****** are totally legit. I usually compare them to see who might have a higher percentage back. In the last year alone, I earned something like $300 back just for going through fatwallet alone! Every little percentage back adds up, and you know what that means...more bags!:yahoo:

    Hmm, looks like the name of the second site is blocked automatically, but it is "r******" w/o the R... ;)
  10. expired already and it's 10.57PM pacific (west) time!!! grrrrr......
    I'm so sad right now