Lancome Juicy Tube question?

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  1. About 2 months ago I bought a set of 6 mini Lancome Juicy Tubes at Dillards. I :heart: the color Sweetheart but can't find it in a full size tube. Not even on Ebay. Which makes me think it never existed. Are some colors only sold in sets? Or only sold at certain stores? Can anyone tell me a bit about Juicy Tubes. I am wondering if I need to stock up on the minis of this color I can find. TIA :smile:
  2. I disagree, being a juicy tubes addict ( i have over fifteen tubes of individual full size tubes, not even going into minis :smile: I find the gloss to be moisturizing, very pigmented, and smell/taste amazing!
  3. I love juicy tubes! It doesn't dry my lips at all. I find most other lip gloss brands too drying.