Lancome Juicy Gelee' gloss

  1. I saw these in a magazine and they look like fun. Anyone have one of these? Thoughts?
  2. I don't have those, but, I have the Estee Lauder pure pops :love: I love them!!
  3. Thanks!
  4. do you means the juicy tubes? if so i love them and am addicted since years. the have a great shine and little to medium colour payoff. so it just gives a hint of colour leaving the lips really well juicy? :lol:
  5. No, these are new. Little pots with color that you apply with your finger or a brush.
    I've seen the Juicy tubes, also and may try them! I have some Bobbi Brown and Chanel glosses that I like wearing over lipstick, but not alone. I'm searching for something fun for summer that will give a hint of sheer color and not sticky.
  6. oh then we don´t have the gelee yet :rant: but the tubes are fab and so easy to apply give them a try :flowers:
  7. Thats exactly how I felt about the Estee Lauder one I bought! I LOATHE sticky lipglosses, they just irritate me soooo much, and this one is perfect! It's got a pink tint, so I can wear it over a lipstick, or, on it's own. But, lately, I've been going crazy over Bath and Body Works mentha lip shine. they come in no color and up to a red color. it really helps with my chapped lips and it's a dream come true :love:
  8. Thanks, Lilach! :heart:

    digby, what color pink Estee Lauder do you have?
  9. I have the 'Kiwi Kick' Juicy Gelee gloss, it's so cute I love it. It's less sticky than Juicy Tubes.
  10. I was in my local makeup boutique the other day, and came across pots of this stuff, and thought it was a fake one, like the ones for show, made of plastic? It looked too shiny to be real! Well, silly me, I stuck my finger in it, and it WAS lipgloss. It's quite thick and very shiny, and the colors are quite summery!
  11. i think the Juicy Gelee' gloss is soo cute LOL
  12. Dont you find these are too liquid-ey?

    I prefere juicy tubes as well.