Lancome Ideas

  1. My Nordies has a free gift with any Lancome purchase over 35. I'm not much of a Lancome shopper, but it seems like a really nice free gift. Do you have any ideas on what some good products by Lancome are?
  2. If you don't have a holy grail mascara yet then I would suggest trying their mascaras. I'm not much of a Lancome shopper either but I do like their mascaras and the Juicy Tubes lipgloss.
  3. there eye shadows aRe reallly nice too
  4. One of my staples is: Eau De Bienfait Clarte. It is a cleanser. I love it. Have always used it and always will. Will take off makeup, mascara, eye shadow. don't know if it will get you over $35, but they have nice lipsticks and I like their juicy tube glosses. Great pale eye shadow in a light beige is pretty good too. Don't know the color but can look it up if you want.
  5. This is a GREAT time to try that Bi-Facil that I rave about!!:yes:
  6. Lancome has alot of great things. The Teint Idole Ultra foundation is excellent if you want a long lasting medium to full coverage base. I also love the Juicy tubes, Color Design shadows, Hypnose & Fatale mascara, Artliners (holy grail liquid liner) & Bifacil remover. It's over all a really good brand
  7. I just bought some Clinique eye make up remover, but I know you've been talking about that remover forever Swanky. I may get that.
  8. Artliner is the ABSOLUTE BEST liquid eyeliner out there!
  9. I second Bi-Facil. Nothing is better.
  10. juicy tubes are awesome. but make sure you apply a thin layer of chapstick before applying it
  11. Another vote for the Bi-Facil right here too!!

    Definicils mascara is amazing as well. :yahoo:

    I also swear by their Adaptive foundation (which was a close equivalent to the now-discontinued maqui-libre line).
  12. :yes: I agree..I LOVE their mascara! Definicles. Flextensils...Hypnose..all the BOMB! I used to use their face and eye creams...but I think they were too heavy for my skin..I had a lot of breakouts and I think it was just too much for me..Now I use Aveda products and exfoliate/use masques often..Swear buy it!:heart: Emmy
  13. They have an SPF 30 moisturizer that I absolutely adore!!
  14. I like their Juicy Wear lipstick. It's a long-wearing lipstick with a tube of clear gloss for shine.
  15. You know you spend too much money when stores are inviting you to continental breakfasts and seminars. I just got my second invite for another event. This one is for Wardrobe and Handbags. So I'm booked up for the next 3 weeks.


    Nordies is really hitting me up this month.