lancome hyponse.. one big mess! or am i applying it wrong?

  1. I couldn't find a single bad review when it came to this mascara, but I find clumping on the first swipe! I don't understand why this is clumping for me when it hasn't for anyone else, is there a special method with the brush I don;t know about?
  2. How exactly are you doing it?

    You can try the business card method: put a card up against where eyeliner would go and push up slightly to make the eyelashes point up. Then swipe mascara over the lashes and the card will serve as a nice backing. I'm not sure if that'll solve your clumping issue, but at least you won't get messiness on your face.
  3. Was this newly purchased? If yes, maybe you got a rather old tube?! :confused1: I used the Lancome Fatale and that only started clumping when it got old.
  4. This mascara didn't do too much for me. It was a little much for my lashes.. they looked like I had applied a whole tube of mascara.
  5. I've bought it but have not used it yet. But know there's rave reviews of this product. Plus SA at Sephora highly recommended it.

    Normally it clumps if there's been a lot of air let in the bottle.
  6. Thanks girls! It was purchased less then two weeks ago via bloomies. It's okay when I scrap almost all the mascara off the wand, but I don't get that va va VOOM look its famous for, I just get skinny straight lashes.
  7. I agree with aarti. My L'extreme was great when first purchased. Now I have to wipe the wand everytime before I apply my mascara. But I'm still happy to get some thin long eyelashes which are already an improvement over my imperceptible Asian eyelashes.
  8. Usually that would happen with almost all mascaras when it is almost done (drying up). However, when it's a full bottle that you just opened, it should be wet enough not to clump. I think it's how you are applying it.

    In order to avoid clumping, use the brush to apply the mascara on your lashes in a zig-zag motion from the base of your lashes outwards. That should spread the formula out evenly and separate the lashes. If you don't do it well at first, keep practicing. In worst case scenarios, just use an eyelash comb to separate the lashes and remove clumps.
  9. I have to aggree with Jan...
    Perhaps it is how you're applying it... I find I get different results when I do different application methods.

    I would suggest blotting. After removing the mascara wand from the bottle, hold out a tissue in your other hand. Ever so lightly, slowly twirl and roll the wand over the tissue - dont press or wipe. This will blot the excess product off the wand and allow you to have more control on how much you apply.

    And, as always, start from the outer lashes, and work your way in, curling the wand as you go up the lashes setting them at a daring curve.