Lancome Hypnose Mascara?

  1. An SA at sephora persuaded me to buy this - any good? I went in for a new Diorshow in black/waterproof - and they were all out of water proof :crybaby:. I was open for other options though - for example, I also love Shu Uemura non-waterproof, so I was looking for something that would give me some volume, but didn't clump - and that would be waterproof. Anyone have experience with Hypnose?
  2. So I used the hypnose today and it doesn't clump the way diorshow does - and it still gives that dramatic look - hmmm... I like it.
  3. I bought DiorShow after all the high recommendations. It is OK but I still prefer Lancome Definicils or Estee Lauder MagnaScopic. I will be going back to one of them when I buy my next tube.
  4. I used to use Lancome but the brushes always clumped up, it didn't seem to matter wich kind it was so I gave up on them. Now I use l'oreal and never have any problems with the brushes.
  5. I love Definicils- I may have to try this one.
  6. I use Lancome Hypnose and love it! It hasn't clumped at all for me. My eyes tend to tear a lot, so waterproof mascara is a must for me!
  7. Yeah I tear alot too. I do notice it clumps - but I think I like it better than diorshow!
  8. I'm a Lancome Beauty Advisor and personally I don't care for Hypnose. Definicils is handsdown the best mascara on the market right now. Fatale,our newest mascara is great too but some peopel find it difficult to apply....if you do it wrong you will have a disaster! lol
  9. I was looking at definicils, and my SA said it was meant to seperate and lengthen, as opposed to volumize and luminate. She also said she liked the fatale but that it didn't come in waterproof yet. Was she wrong?

  10. No she was correct it is meant to seperate and lengthen but I feel that it gives you a little volume as well and nopee fatale does'nt come in waterproof but the regular one holds up pretty well.
  11. i LOVE fatale. i think it's one of the best mascaras i've ever tried. even though it isn't waterproof, it stays on all day and no racoon eyes. i don't find it to be that difficult to apply. i highly recommend it
  12. I'm thinking I may try the fatale as my non-waterproof mascara when I run out of my shu uemura.