Lancome Fatale Mascara

  1. I just bought this mascara and it has that special 3-D brush... it is different from the brushes I am used to and the lady at the counter told me instead of the usual zig-zagging motion to apply mascara, you twirl the mascara upwards (there are 3 different sets of teeth on the brush so the more you twirl the more teeth you use = more oomph )

    I have tried that method, and the zig-zagging method, and it is quite awkward with that brush...anybody who's tried this mascara, have a trick that works for them?
  2. I'm actually planning to buy this when I get off work in a couple hours. I've been trying to read up and research this a little. I have a feeling if done right, it can outdo even Diorshow. Plus, I love dramatic, bordering-on-drag lashes.

    Can anyone post pics of how Fatale looks on them?
  3. I love Fatale! This thread reminded me that I need to get it again. I just spun the brush around as I put it on and that worked well for me. :smile:
  4. I hate this mascara...sorry. I have found much better mascaras that give lashes the 'drama'.
  5. what are some that you've found to deliver better than Fatale?
  6. YSL Faux Cils, YSL Everlong, Chanel Exceptionnel, MAC Zoomlash, Diorshow Iconic....all of those are easier to use, with exception of Faux Cils which can feel dried out in the tube sooner than the other ones I listed.

    I just think Fatale is too much trouble for the payoff you get, and I'm no mascara-applying newbie, lol!!!

    Then again, I'm very much a 'highest drama lashes for lowest drama in application' type of person, and I don't have a lot of time to mess around.

  7. I 100% agree with you. I am a mascara freak-- I have tried SO many over the years. I love the ones you listed...HATED fatale. Hypnose is good, but currently I think Dazzle Lash is amazing!
  8. Hypnose is good if you want another Lancome option, I agree!!! I've liked a lot of other Lancome mascaras because I used to get all the free sample ones for ordering online...they last forever. Definicils and Hypnose were great.
  9. I like the fatale, but I personally prefer not to rotate the brush. I'll use one side of the (plastic) bristles, once I find that it's done, I'll move over to the next set of bristles, and then the next; but never all three with one brushstroke.