Lancome Definicils Mascara

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  1. This is my favorite mascara so far after trying many. Thoughts on it, or are there any you recommend more?
  2. Diorshow!!! Its my favorite right now..
  3. my new favourite is the ysl everlong!
  4. Cheekers, i agree with you! I have tried many different mascaras and always come back to Definicils.
  5. I love this, when I first tried it I thought it was a bit too intense, but after a few times wearing it I received so many compliments on my lashes that I became addicted. The only other mascara I keep in rotation is Clinique high impact mascara, makes your lashes look super thick.
  6. Lancome Virtuose Black Karat!!!

    Either that, or Chanel Inimitable.
  7. Definicils is fabulous, no doubt.

    Other ones I love:
    Lancome Hypnose
    MAC ZoomLash ($11!!!)
  8. i love lancome mascara's in general =D
  9. chanel inimitable
  10. 've worn Lancomd Definicils probably more than any other mascara, but I still prefer Diorshow. I've heard great things about Chanel Inimitable as well :flowers:
  11. i like lancomes, but i also like maybelines define a lash in that magenta tube. lol XD i would like to try MAC zoomlash or DiorShow :heart:33 hehe