Lancel Handbag

  1. I searched the forum, but I can't find too much on this. Has anyone a Lancel Handbag? I have seem them in a few places, and there's one I especially like with leather/fabric that light, and very classic looking. The price isn't bad either: 350.00
  2. you know, for some reason I have a Lancel Paris dust bag but not any handbags--I've seen them at Marshall Field's. I agree, they look very classic and are very well priced. maybe someone else can help?
  3. I've got one that I bought at Lord & Taylor in St Louis West County mall a few years ago, and wish I had a few more. They made a big splash here in the US but then nothing, and I haven't seen any new in any of the usual dept stores in over a year. They do turn up at TJM and Marshalls now and then. I've always found them to be classic and well made, and like I said, wish I'd bought a few more when they were more easily found.
  4. Thanks! I appreciate your responses. I found it at Marshall Fields as well, but I remember Nordstrom and a few other places carried them a while back. I truly love this canvas/leather drawstring bag. Very light weight as well. They have a version of it on Marshall Fields website.