Lancaster, PA Outlet Trip

  1. Okay...went to Lancaster Tangier outlet this morning. About 1/3 of the store is additional 40% off....most everything else is additional 20% off. Picked up a black leather Daphne, a black leather card case, and black leather belt. Just over $500 all together. Will post pics later! Also dropped some serious coin on towels at the Ralph Lauren outlet (extra 15% off them) and the Samsonite store!!! Made myself leave the mall before I spent more money!
  2. Oh Yeah...and lots of signature stuff! Plus some patchwork, some scribble, and lots of the pebbled leather chelsea stuff.
  3. wow!!! yay more sales!!!!!!
  4. OMG! I cant wait to see pictures of your Daphne :heart:33

    I just called my outlet and they said all clearance items are an extra 40% off, she didnt mention anything else :sad: I'm mad I didnt get to go out there today, I guess I have to wait until Tuesday.
  5. congrats!
  6. A lot of my clearance was still 20% off...but there definitely was some at 40% off.
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