Lancaster Outlet...worth a trip tomorrow?

  1. Im about 45min--1hr away from the outlet...any good deals going on there right now? Trying to figure if I should head out that way or just go to the Coach store at the mall
  2. ooh,just remembered they put an outlet in Pottstown too....which one is better?
  3. I haven't been to either yet but hear they are hit or miss. Lahaska/Peddler's Village is a good one.

  4. That is where I go and it's pretty good!!
  5. Lahaska is not a Signature Outlet.

    See the other thread on Philly Premium - I was there yesterday.
  6. I find that all outlets are a hit or miss.
  7. Apparently West Reading is a signature outlet.
  8. well, DH wants to go to the Phila premium outlets for a change so I'll see how that one is today :smile:
  9. I've been to both Lancaster and the Philly Premium Outlets recently, and I have yet to be impressed with the latter. I've found that there is a much larger selection at Lancaster, and the SAs are much more knowledgeable and friendly.

    Depending on where you are located, you may want to consider a drive to Rehobeth Beach. It's a super small outlet, but I have found the most amazing deals. They also tend to get a lot of returns, so there are some pretty current items there too.

    OT: What's the difference between a signature outlet and a regular outlet? TIA.
  10. the PPO was a bust. I much prefer the Lancaster one. I'll check out the Rehobeth one if I go to the beach this summer...thanks!
  11. I've always had great luck at Rehobeth :yes:
  12. The signature outlets carry mostly signature items; the regular outlets carry the leather goods.
  13. Make sure to report back to us if you do make the trip!