Lana Turner's GUCCI belt...too much $$$???

  1. I was extrememly excited when I first saw this up for auction on eBay (260092007518) but just had to have it! I'm pretty sure it's authentic, if you check seller's other items and feedback. (And she IS Lana's daughter!) This belt is sooooo gorgeous, exactly what I was looking for! (I've added my own pictures so you can see for yourself!) Am I nuts to pay this much for a belt?!?! My hubby thinks so :sad:
    Picture 1139.jpg Picture 1137.jpg Picture 1138.jpg
  2. It's really pretty. May I ask how much it costs?
  3. oops, forgot to put in...paid $650.00 (with shipping)
  4. WOW! But I think it's a good investment. Very pretty. Are you going to wear it?
  5. I dont think it was nuts, I think its a reasonable price actually. Thats really awesome!!! CONGRATS :yahoo:
  6. wow, very pretty, congrats!!
  7. Great score. Did Lana'a daughter include pics of her wearing the belt?? What size is it? very nice belt.
  8. It is a beautiful belt. I love that it is vintage and has history.You sound really excited about it so it will probably bring you a lot of pleasure every time you wear it.It would be a bonus if you had a picture of Lana Turner wearing it.Congratulations.
  9. Thank you...didn't get any pictures of her wearing it, tho. And I will definately wear it alot!
  10. It's 37 inches long.
  11. That is a beautiful belt! As long as you arent eating ramen for a month, it's well worth it!
  12. True classic! That belt has transcended the years and can STILL be worn today. Very stylish!
  13. That is a gorgeous belt...congratulations!
  14. Love it! The logos almost look like Chanel's interlocking C's.
  15. The most beautiful belt i have EVER seen !!!