Lana Marks

  1. Does anyone know anything about Lana Marks bags? An SA called me on Friday for a private sale. The bags are beautiful but do they last?
  2. The thing about exotic skin is that it's very durable. These are very high end bags in a variety of colors. If you like exotics, then I think the sale is worth checking out.
  3. For some reason Lana Marks reminds me of Britney Spears..pre Kfed!
  4. That's funny because style-wise (and price-wise) to me they're "a woman of a certain age" sort of handbag. But I've only seen them in the window of the store--never actually being carried.
  5. Does Lana Marx have a www.
  6. Her croc bags are divine. "Karen Walker" on Will & Grace frequently carried several different Lana Marks bags.
  7. Ask for Chanel. Most handbags are 25% OFF.