Lana Jewelry

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  1. I purchased a pair of hoops and a necklace before but returned them. They didn't fit my lifestyle; KIDS. There is no weight to the gold. Very thin and flimsy. Her jewelry is very nice but way over priced imho. I was afraid my little ones would yank it off and break it. Nordstroms has free shipping both ways. You can always try it out and see if you like it or not.
  2. Thanks for the tips! I need durable pieces - my love bracelet wears like iron and I'm used to that kind of quality.
  3. I think the style is gorgeous and a really interesting piece. Just by the picture you can tell it's delicate, not something to be worn every day.
  4. I have to agree nice but not worth the money. I own the hoops with an extremely small diamond in them. I decided to keep them when I got them but I rarely wear them because they are so delicate. Wish I would have purchased something else.
  5. I have the small flirt hoops. They are thin and flimsy, def not worth the price tag but I really wanted them when I've seen them on Cam Diaz in the bad teacher. In that movie she wears lots of lana pieces (uncut version).

    I had to order them 3 times off bloomingdales and nordstroms because the hoops weren't perfect. One would be wider than the other, slightly diff size.....Finally when I went out of town that had a bloomies, I looked at one in person and did an exchange.

    I like the decades twist hoops, but for the price I'd rather use that towards something else like Roberto Coin inside out hoops which i have 3.

    oh and I almost forgot. I did order the hooked on earrings and the upside down ones. Returned those. DH said he could barely see them, they were so thin. Those were def not worth the money. Also the small blake. Don't be fooled by "small", they were still huge.

    Sometimes you can get them on sale (F&F sale) which I did from bloomies last year.

    Hope this helped!
  6. Cam Diaz

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  7. Never heard of her but i do see several things i like.
  8. Maybe one of the reasons I like here is that her headquarters in not too far from

    I have a couple of the hoops...and they are definitely fine (thin) but I tend to like that. My ears do not cooperate at all with heavier pieces. I do wish they were a bit cheaper
  9. My husband bought me a pair of the large flat magic hoops.
    I really like the size and weight. I forget that I'm wearing them, which is perfect for me.
    I have some heavier gold Tiffany Zellige hoops that I love, but definitely feel.
  10. Lana Jewelry has really great hoop earrings!
  11. Start a thread on Lana Jewelry. Anyone like or not like Lana jewelry?
  12. I love it! Have a few pieces. They are so delicate though. My earrings broke and so did one of my necklaces. You have to be so careful with I her stuff.

  13. Thanks for the feedback. I just bought a necklace and it is so delicate. I do love the design.