Lampwork Bead Jewelry

  1. I've been collecting glass pendants for awhile now. I recently discovered lampwork bead jewelry at Does anyone know where I can see lampwork jewelry in person in the New York area? I'd really love to buy a bracelet. I stopped in at a large bead store in White Plains, NY but I did not see any lampwork beads. Any help you can give me is appreciated.:yes::p
  2. Here are some pieces that caught my eye on the etsy website ....



  3. [​IMG]


  4. Kat, Etsy has a Shop Local area. I'll also convo you about this later. Thanks.
  5. [​IMG]

  6. Those are really pretty and unique. I love some of the jewelry on Etsy.
  7. OMG, I just went there and ordered 10 beads by 2 different artists. Now I'm really in trouble!
  8. I can definitely see how it can be addicting! Congrats on your purchase! :woohoo: Did you buy jewelry pieces or just the beads? If just beads what will you be making? I'd love to see pics.:yes:
  9. Those beads remind me of when I was in Rome,they had shops everywhere selling them,Murano glass I think it was called,extremely pretty and addictive for collecting,each one seems prettier than the last!!!
  10. OOoh lampwork beads are a passion of mine.
  11. I just bought beads. I usually only buy silver-lined ones, too, but one artist had a couple unlined (she will start lining in March) and they were unique so I bought them too! I also buy from one artist on eBay from Australia whose beads are to die least in pictures. I'm waiting for my first batch to arrive any day!

    I also buy Trollbeads and Pandora beads as well. I have two bracelets....a jungle safari look and a tropical (I love Maui!) bracelet. I'll try to post pictures this weekend. I need a serious intervention as I'm so addicted!:nuts:
  12. I too collect Pandora beads. I've made two bracelets so far. One has a pink theme. The other one is black and white with animal charms. I can't wait to see the bracelets you've made! It seems like a lot of people buy the beads and make their own jewelry. I really don't know how to make jewelry. What will you be making with your beads? Is it hard to make a bracelet?

  13. Actually, I purchased beads that are similar to the construction of the TrollB and the Pandora beads, just handmade by glass artists. They simply get strung on my existing bracelets.

    I've attached a picture of one of my bracelets. It is mostly Trollbeads with a few Pandora thrown in.
    my maui bracelet2.jpg
  14. That is a gorgeous bracelet! I just visited Etsy again and noticed the type of beads you're talking about. There are so many beautiful beads to choose from. This could get dangerous!:p
  15. I posted this in another thread, but here it is safari bracelet.... most are Trollbeads with a couple Pandora and Chamilia thrown in. When I get my handmade beads from the glass artists in Australia, The Netherlands and here in the US, I'll post them too so you can see the diff between the well-known brands and the ones that are made by SRAs (self-representing artists). It's enough to make your head spin!
    safari bracelet2.jpg