Lampo zipper on a fake bag!

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  1. I am in shock!

    I had dinner with a friend last night. We have not seen each other for ages, so I picked an upscale restaurant. She was all dressed to the nines and carrying a Chanel bag. I commented on her bag and asked if I could admire it. Proudly, she handed over the bag to me - a true bargain from a consignment shop, she added.

    The bag was a "made in Paris" fake, but a pretty well-made one. The quilts were all aligned and had (gasp) LAMPO zippers! :throwup:

    I couldn't bring myself to tell her that she was carrying a fake Chanel bag.

    I know that Lampo zipper is NOT the only way to tell whether a Chanel is fake or not (there are so many details to look for, and I recently acquired an authentic circa 1996-1997 Chanel bag with "Chanel Paris" zipper hardware pull - my aunt had sent it to Chanel twice for cleaning without any issues at all), but I am writing this post to alert the ladies here.
  2. Oh no...... thats horrible. I have heard of this... Some of these fake bags are so hard to tell if they are real, and you cant just rely on the zipper markings (especially older bags). It just kinda helps when everything else looks good.

    I know someone this happened to also. Just gotta really really inspect!!!!! Thanks for sharing...
  3. Yeah..this is starting to happen more and more now. Even with Balenciagas..that used to be the one easy way to tell if the bag was real, but the fakers caught onto that.
  4. Umm, what do LAMPO zippers look like? What are they?
  5. Here are pics of various zipper hardware on some of the Chanels that I own. Note that not ALL of them have Lampo zippers.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Gloriajk: Thanks for posting those pictures, they will really come in handy
  7. Oh sad
  8. That's too bad:sad: I don't think I could bring myself to tell a friend if she had a fake bag, too, especially if they're so proud of it:Push:
  9. oh wow - that's interesting. speaking of zippers, does anyone know what type of zippers would be on a vintage 80's bag?
  10. I wish I knew, too. The oldest Chanel I have is from 1996. There is not that much info about the beauty's from the 80's. I hope any collectors in this forum can fill in.
  11. I have still have a couple of vintage 80's bags (started buying Chanel in 1981). One of them has a zipper marked either "10" or "IO" - it is too small to read without dragging out the magnifying glass. The other bag has a very strange set of symbols in a triangle formation. Both bags were purchased directly from Chanel.
  12. Okay, wait, Gloria's camera bag has a Lampo zipper but it's NOT fake? I'm lost here. If we are gasping at the original poster's Lampo zipper fake bag, then why does Gloria show a photo of one of her Chanel bags with a Lampo zipper?

    Do I have to start drinking tonight to understand all of this? :biggrin:
  13. Roey, lots of authentic Chanel bags come with Lampo zippers. :smile: I think the OP was just trying to warn members that even fake Chanels can come with Lampo zippers even though MOST don't. The fake bag she's referring to is from a friend ~ not one that she actually owns.

    I hope that made sense! :flowers:
  14. I'm trying to take a picture of my vintage Chanel from the late '80s, but my digital camera is having a hard time picking up the fine detail on the zipper.

    I'll try again on a very sunny day and see if that works. There are actually NO words, except for some fine 'zipper-like' lines. I bought the purse from the Chanel boutique, on Bloor, here in Toronto and am embarrassed to tell you what I paid for it all those years ago.

    By the way, the little zippers inside the purse have no markings at all... they are just totally black.

    ETA - I used my magnifying glass and there is nothing on those zippers!
  15. My advice is from the authorised dealers... as in NM/Saks...or Chanel boutiques. This way..u are assured of geniune products not fakes.
    Avoid buying from ebay or other online auctions.U girls probably worked hard for yr money..why "throw" it away by buying something that could possibly turn out to be fakes (not worth it).
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