Lampo, YKK or EP Zippers on 2.55 Caviars (and others)? Confused.

  1. I just recently bought a Red Caviar Classic Flap (Medium) from ebay. Smoothprtr and Michele have been so lovely and have given me the all clear.

    I was just reading this old thread, and was wondering if you girls could tell me what brand your zipper pulls are on the inside flap? Mine is YKK but am I right to believe they should be lampo? Or is this one of those Chanel inconsistencies?

    In that thread gloraijk notes that not all have lampo zippers, but i guess i wanted classic flap owners to please check theirs :sad:

    Could you also post pics? Thanks so much!

    Other pics of my bag are here:
  2. by the way if it helps/makes a difference, the seller said that she bought it in 2005.

    thanks girls!
  3. Double -flap ? Mine only has a zipper on the inside , not on the flap . Its a jumbo Caviar . It says Chanel .
  4. My medium flap has a zipper in the same place as yours but the zipper says "EP" on it?
  5. That is so frustrating, Frayed, because it looks to be such a beautiful bag! I'm so sorry, I hope that everything works out!
  6. Oh dear - I replied in your other thread. Mine is a white caviar flap which starts with "10..." - originally purchased in December 2005 from Saks and has the EP zipper. I attached a pic so you could see mine.
  7. tweetie is the zipper pull kind of "hemmed" at the edge? cause mine is just two folded over pieces of leather glued.
  8. can you also check if the stitching on the side is thicker as if the sewing machine has been run through it twice? i also notice that the curves on mine are alot straighter, whereas yours is a smooth curve. is that the same on yours?
  9. I've been reading the other thread, and it sounds like the YKK is a big problem... not sure if this helps, but my zipper has the leather folded over, it's not stitched. Not sure what you mean by the curves though.
  10. how old is that red caviar???
  11. I have a dark brown 2006 jumbo classic flap. It does not even have a zipper on the inside flap, only the inside zip pocket. My bag came from Nordstrom, brand new in the box.

    Are all flaps regardless of size supposed to have an inside zip on the flap?
  12. According to its serial number, I believe it was supposed to be a 2006 bag?
  13. Nope :smile: don't worry your bag is correct
  14. wow... this is really scary! Hmm... i'll go home and check my bag tonight!
    2006 red? For some reason I didn't know they made red this year *but I could be completely inaware*

    I saw red's in 2005~