L'amore Zucca???

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  1. Is it impossible to find except on eBay?
  2. i'd love to know this too. i just saw one on eBay and there is no way i would ever pay over 200 for one.
  3. Is that how much they're going for?? :nuts:
    I have never actually seen one in the stores but I do have one in my closet with the tags on it :graucho: I was always too afraid to use this bag because I didn't want to ruin it. :rolleyes:
  4. the one on eBay is like $230 but no one has bid. they would be crazy to do so haha. aw it's just sitting in your closet :sad:
  5. Have you tried looking on shoptokidoki?
  6. I have seen a few at the 34th street Macy's but that was last month. Not sure if there are any there now.
  7. Yes I did but maybe I missed over them..I will look again!

  8. Were they on sale?
  9. They were not on sale last month so there were tons, especially on the 4th floor juniors dept.

  10. thanks a lot!:smile:
  11. i think some people bought theirs from the dept. store.. only makes me sadder (but less poor :p) 'cause none of the ones around here carry toki (as far as i know)

    i've seen the ones on ebay, but i have yet to pay above retail & i hope i never do..
  12. I really want one, but..............i dont know ......
    I might pass on this style since I was never looking to complete my lamore collection anyway. I would love a bocce with the adiso and ciao in the front though. lolz
  13. To tell you the truth, that's no unreasonable at all. That one on Ebay is not mine, but I bought mine from a Macy's out of state (chargesend), and after taxes and SHIPPING, I paid a whopping $219 for mine!:nuts:

    So believe me! $230 is not that much at all!!!!
  14. :amazed::amazed::amazed::amazed::amazed::amazed::amazed: Have you used yours LVixen?
  15. i think 230 is insane. don't they retail for 184???