L'amore Zucca or Caio Caio??

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  1. *sigh* I told myself I couldn't afford another tokidoki bag, but alas I was at my local Bloomie's over the weekend and finally found a few last amores! I absolutely fell in love with the caio caio. :heart: I got all sentimental too, knowing that there will only be a few more prints left before they're done for. :sad: I always had my heart set on getting a zucca in l'amore, but I just don't know how realistic my chances are of ever finding one for a reasonable price. The caio caio on the other hand is right at my finger tips...

    It's still mighty expensive, but I love this print so much that I'm contemplating selling one of my Dooney & Bourke bags to get the extra money. So, I'm in need of your guys' help!

    Should I settle for the caio caio? What are the advantages of this style? It sure is cute and does look roomy... I have heard that on the lighter prints some people have had trouble with the dyes from their jeans rubbing off on it though. I have a friend that has a caio caio in Foresta, but she hasn't had this problem (probably because it's a darker print). Also, do you think it is more of a casual style as opposed to the zucca?? I make my luna bella work at my job, but I don't know if I could do it with a caio caio.

    So please, let me hear your guys takes on this dilema! Does anyone know of a place other than eBay that even still sells the zuccas?? I'm in Minnesota so my resources are rather limited. Thanks for your help! ^_^
  2. I can't help with any info on where they might still sell zucca's since I'm in Hawaii and they don't sell zucca's here and the only place that sells tokidoki is LeSportsac...

    ... but I'd choose the zucca just because I love mine. It's absolutely wonderful. I'm not a fan of the messenger style bags at all (unless it's to hold my laptop), although I know a lot of people on here are.
  3. You might just trying calling around to some of the stores that usually sell Toki bags. Macys carries Zuccas, and they do charge/send. I'm not sure if Pulse would have any, but that's where I got my Amore Zucca, and of course Casey helps with placement. I'm not sure if Azalea carries the Zucca style, but you could call them and ask. I've heard that they may or may not help you with print placement.
    But if you're looking for something that has the whole print on it, the Ciao Ciao is going to be a better bet than the Zucca. As much as I love mine, I do sometimes mourn that there are parts of the print cut off and that my water dragons are hiding on the bottom instead of on the sides.
    Most importantly, as in all things Toki, make yourself happy!!!!:tup:
  4. Thanks to both Malleficent and maya_exquisite! You both have some good advice. I too fell in love with the zucca style, however, I did not know you had to deal more with print cut-off. That idea I do not like. The caio caio I saw was absolutely perfect placement-wise... That's actually a super good idea to use it for carrying a laptop or even my sketch pads and art supplies. I'm a graphic designer and artist for a living, so maybe this would come in really handy.... :yes:

    Also, I did speak to someone with azalea and they were all out of stock I'm afraid. I do suppose I could try pule though... Oh decisions, decisions...

    Anyone else care to share their opinions on the two different styles?? I would really love to hear them! :smile:
  5. Hi! I am going to be bias since I love Ciao Ciao. Infact, I have 4 bags in different print and another Ciao. I carry loads in my bag and I love that the Ciao Ciao Ciao is so versatile. If I don't have a lot to carry, I normally close the flap and it sits nicely, hugging my hips. Otherwise, you can unflold the bag and leave you with PLENTY of room for all your art supplies, notebools, etc.

    The only negative point that I can think of is that if you have a lot of stuffs, the bag can be rather bulky as it potrudes quite a bit. Also, if you are petite, the bag can be a little too overwhlming for your stature.

    I have two Zuccas and have yet to use them yet. But I know a lot of ladies here loves their Zuccas.

    As to where you can purchase the L'Amore Ciao Ciao, I just got mine from Lord & Taylor and that was the only one left. I was at Macy's Herald Square a few weeks back and only saw one there.

    Good Luck deciding and whichever bag your buy finally, the bottom line is, as mentioned above, you are happy with it!
  6. For me, the Ciao Ciao's are really beautiful because you do get the full print, but not very practical. I carry bulky things around with me and the bulkier items just look wrong with a ciao ciao. My preference is Zucca, but I am biased (I have like 9 Zucca bags lol)
  7. That's quite alright! I wanted to hear view points from both sides! ^_^ Hrmm... well I'm almost 5'8 and about 130lbs. When I tried the ciao ciao on in the store, it seemed to fit well. That's a good point about objects looking bulky once inside though... I never really thought about that. I imagine if I laid a sketchbook sideways in it though and just kept the colored pencils and pens to a minimum, it hopefully wouldn't look too strange... lol I really don't know! My friend with the ciao ciao foresta always looks super cute in hers.

    My fiance has decided to be a sweetheart and take me back to Bloomies tonight to look at it once more! :drool: *praysit'sstillthere* I'll try it on once more and see what I think! Thanks for the tips!!
  8. Yes, the bulk-issue does concern me... Hadn't thought of it prior to now. Are we talking a bulkier wallet, camera, and things on that order? I would probably have to get a new wallet if I went with the ciao ciao, but I don't know that anything else I carry is overly bulky. I would want to carry a sketchbook probably, some pens and pencils, maybe a book... I have my own camera bag for days I like to take that along with me on a hike or to a concert in the city.

    Someone mentioned they used it for their laptop, so I imagine a sketchbook must not look too terrible in it. Oi still, the zucca is so unique in style.... Thanks for your help! :smile:
  9. they're both great styles. but i'd say go for the zucca cause they're harder to find. I always see Ciao Ciao's in L'Amore at Macy's. ZUCCA all the way!
  10. HAHA!! For real? :wtf: WOW! YAY FOR ZUCCA! :nuts:
    i have two!! yahoo! I wish I had 9 lmao!
  11. This was my original plan, but the only l'amore zuccas i've seen on eBay for a while were either far too $$$ or a little suspicious (i wasn't able to tell if they were knock offs or not). Our Macy's in Minnesota don't sell Tokidoki. I found my bella luna there by freak chance. I believe someone returned them, as there only three on a center counter, and they were already on clearance. I've only been able to find them at Bloomie's otherwise. :sad:
  12. dang angelic*ruin ... 9 zuccas ? lol wow!! :biggrin:

    I would vote for a zucca only because it seems more practical to me. But for what you want to carry and the fact that you're tall .. I don't think the ciao ciao is a bad idea at all. I think it'd be perfect for sketch pads and art supplies. Now for a laptop I don't know .. only because I'm not sure how sturdy the bag would be for that.

    I had a ciao ciao but I had to return it because I'm only 5'1" and I think it looks huge on me .. lol. Oh but when it was empty and folded it totally looked nice on me but when I filled it with all my crap to see how it'd look .. it was just too bulky. I wish I was 5'8" ... haha :biggrin:
  13. haha Well, being tall has its pluses and minuses. I'm not all that tall, but I do admit I sometimes feel awkward standing next to the average person from time to time. Oh well, it's the way God made me! Thankfully my fiance is just a bit taller than me! lol

    You're right, maybe I wouldn't go so far as to carry the lap top inside it. It certainly doesn't have the padding necessary to protect it. Not to mention it might be a bit to bulky and make it easier for someone to lift. ><
  14. Um, yeah :shame: 9 zuccas. But I have sold a number of my other bags and I bought several of them under retail. But still, 9 is a little :nuts: even for me. I just love that style and it's the best bag for me to take to work and since I spend most of my week at work, I want my Tokidoki with me all day.:lol:
  15. lol that's understandable! Plus you're right .. the zucca is a great bag style for work!